[How To] Properly update MIUI ROM with Language Pack

MI-ONE Render with MIUI ROM
MI-ONE Render with MIUI ROM

Since MIUI is originally released in Chinese language, for those who doesn’t know Chinese language have to rely on the language pack after the flashing of the ROM (one exception that I know is miui.us which has the English language included inside the ROM before releasing to the community), and sometimes it can goes haywire if the flashing method is inappropriate, especially upgrading your current ROM to the next weekly updated one. Most of the time incorrect flashing can cause crashing ROM, multiple FCs etc., thus to avoid it, a proper flashing method should be used.

Here I will show you the method I used to update the weekly-updated MIUI ROM to my Samsung Nexus S (which doesn’t have any issue at all so far, except known bugs in the ROM). I used MIUIAndroid.com English ROM, simply because it works well for me (still hoping for Google Services added automatically though), so the steps below are based on this ROM:

  1. Download the correct ROM and matching Language Pack from MIUI Android ROM download section
  2. Place these two files to your device flash memory
  3. Turn off your device, and then load into bootloader
  4. Enter recovery mode
  5. Wipe cache partition
  6. Advanced > Wipe dalvik cache
  7. Install zip from sdcard > Choose zip from sdcard > Select the zip file for ROM
  8. Once the installation of ROM is done, reboot the device
  9. Wait until the device boot into the newly flashed MIUI ROM (Yes, it will be in Chinese Language)
  10. Turn off your device again, then load into bootloader
  11. Enter recovery mode
  12. Wipe cache partition
  13. Advanced > Wipe dalvik cache
  14. Install zip from sdcard > Choose zip from sdcard > Select the zip file for Language Pack
  15. Once the installation of the language pack is done, reboot the device again
  16. The update should be done by now. Enjoy your updated ROM!
The guide above is only for those who already flashed with MIUI ROM. However, if you are entirely new to MIUI ROM, you might require to unlock the bootloader of your device first. Please refer the official guide for ROM flashing from MIUI.

2 thoughts on “[How To] Properly update MIUI ROM with Language Pack”

  1. Hi!

    I’m not new to custom Rom thing but MIUI Roms. I’m from Türkiye so I want to use Turkish of course. But there is no Turkish language packs for my Acer Liquid E. So I have tried copying “system” folder from a multilingual N1 rom and “META-INF” folder from an Italian language pack for Liquid E and zipped for update. It actually works for language, I can select and use Turkish but when I do that in this way somehow my SD card is gone! I can see my ext3 part from my phone but not Fat32 part, even connected to computer it does not ask for USB share. Do you know any solution for this?


    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately I do not have any solution for your problem. :/

      Probably you can ask in xda-developer forum? There are tons of expert in the forum.


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