[How To] Install Swype 3.5 on MIUI Android ROM 1.6


If you got your MIUI-supported Android phone flashed with the latest MIUI 1.6 ROM, most probably you will find that it is impossible to get the Swype keyboard fully installed in your device; most likely the Swype installer is unable to license your copy of Swype, causing the keyboard running without license which have limited functionalities. The main cause is that in MIUI ROM, there is no way to disable Swype as required since that particular Settings page has been modified. But not too worry, it is still possible to install it completely, although it involved several extra steps.

What do you need?

Android Phone with MIUI 1.6 flashed (Tested on 1.6.3)

Internet Connection (Wi-Fi recommended)

Titanium Backup (Free version)

Valid Swype beta account (Register at http://beta.swype.com/ if you don’t have one)

Swype Installer 1.5 (It might show 1.1.26483 (12.15) but don’t mind about it)


Note: Always get the latest installer from Swype. Expired installer won’t work.

Get started

1. Get your Android phone connected to Wi-Fi internet connection.

2. Uninstall both Swype installer and Swype keyboard if you have them installed.

3. Login your Swype account at http://beta.swype.com/, then download the Swype Beta installer.

4. After the Swype Beta installer is downloaded, run and install it.

5. Launch the Swype Beta installer from homescreen, then login your Swype beta account.

6. Choose the Swype version that you wished to download and install.

7. Once it is downloaded, install it, then press Done.

8. You should be greet with a start up page, with four buttons in the middle of the screen. Press Generate License.

9. Press Select Android Keyboard. From the pop-up, select Android Keyboard.

10. Press Disable Swype. (This is where the problem is. Just proceed to Step 10).

11. Press Home button, then launch Titanium Backup (you might have to grant the ROOT access for this app). Look for Swype in the Backup/Restore list, then press on it. Press Back Up.

12. Once it is being back up, press Uninstall in Titanium Backup.

13. Long press Home button and switch to the Swype Beta installer.

14. Press back button once if you are still in the keyboard settings. The Swype beta installer should check the version again, then ask you to login.

15. The previous entered login credential should be still there (otherwise enter manually again). Press Login.

16. Select the Swype version that you previously selected, and re-download it again.

17. After it has been downloaded, DON’T install it. Leave the installation page as it is, don’t press Cancel or Install.

18. Long press Home button and switch to the Titanium Backup.

19. Press on the Swype in the list, then press Restore. An installation prompt should be appear, proceed with the installation by pressing Install. Check the notification bar, and click on the Restoring apps notification to complete the restoration.’

20. Once the restoration is confirmed done, long press Home button and switch to the Swype Beta installer. You should be still at the installation page, press Cancel.

21. Since the Swype Beta is restored from Titanium Backup, the Swype Installer will now try to license it. Ignore it and press Home button to go back to the home screen.

22. Launch Notes app (or any apps that used keyboard), then open up an old note, or create a new note. Long press the text field, then press Input Method and select Android Keyboard

23. Long press the text field again, then press Input Method and select Swype

24. Your copy of Swype should be licensed and fully functional now.

Let me know if you still unable to install Swype on your MIUI ROM.

Source: Android Central Forum

22 thoughts on “[How To] Install Swype 3.5 on MIUI Android ROM 1.6”

    1. Hi,

      Try uninstall everything, from Swype Installer, and Swype, plus deleting the backup you have made in TI backup. I also only manage to do it after a few times of trying. Let me know.


  1. hi dude… I use Desire HD,
    I tried out what you said, But still I get a warning message that swype has an invalid license..
    How to proceed further.. Hope you would help me out
    Thanks in advance..

  2. In swype installer I am getting an error called.. “Error parsing the package”
    Thanks ..

  3. It’s ok dude..
    After atleast I have tried the same procedure for dozen of times. I got it. Thanks for your post.. 🙂

    1. Hi Sagar,

      No problem dude, nice to know that you got it installed. Error parsing usually something related to the corrupted apk file or incomplete download, but I think it is no longer the case since you manage to install it. Enjoy your Swype!


  4. Thanks very much! Finally worked after trying for dozen times. I had to downgrade it to MIUI(1.63) in order to get it to work. I don’t think it works on the new update MIUI (1.71).

    1. Hi Li,

      Never try on 1.7.1 but I have no problem updating from 1.6.3 to 1.7 with the Swype installed. Try it! 🙂


  5. Please Note that while restoring Swype from Titanium do an App+Data restore. That way you would get a Fully Licensed version.

    Tried on Nexus S + Miui 1.7.xx

  6. Hi there, I am having problems with parsing, every time I try to download it it kept showing me this error: There is a problem with parsing the package. I changed my language settings, thinking that might help, but obviously it didn’t.

    1. Hi,

      About the parsing problem, it occurs when the apk package isn’t download completely. Try to download it for a few times for the proper installation.


  7. For those who still cannot run Swype properly:
    I tried this twice on my HD2 MIUI 1.7.29 and the licensing prompt still appeared. Then afterwards, I cleared the data/deleted the Swype Installer and Swype, restored Swype from TiBu, installed Swype again and it works.

    Thanks for the tip though, OP!

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