Stuckbuddy – The simplest way to make your device stand

Stuckbuddy_1With the mobile devices (smartphone, tablet etc.) released nowadays comes with increasing screen size, there is more space on the screen to display more information at one time, so it is more ideal to use them to view video, live feed, web browsing etc. However, it is certainly less than ideal that the user have to hold the mobile Stuckbuddy_3device all the time, say, viewing video on the table, and obviously it won’t look good if the mobile device sits flat on the table. While there are many cases for the mobile device that can help to tilt the screen to a comfortable viewing angle, but most of them, unfortunately, make the device slightly bulky. If you want a simple way to tilt your screen on your naked mobile device, get Stuckbuddy.

What is Stuckbuddy?

Stuckbuddy_5Stuckbuddy is a very interesting accessory which is a universal suction cup stand that can be used as a desk stand for your mobile devices. It featured a conventional suction cup that can easily attach to any flat surface and a rounded stand that provides flexibility of using it on a mobile device (imagine if it’s a cube shape, you will have hard time to make your device stand accurately).

Stuckbuddy_4It has a small size, therefore it is very portable to be brought around, and it is always ready to be used. It is also easily removable (thanks to the small extrusion at the suction cup), so it can be used for multiple devices at different time. Because of how it is work, Stuckbuddy_2the viewing angle of the mobile device can be slightly adjusted, pretty good stuff there. Getting two of them and attach them on the tablet like iPad, you will have a stable typing/reading device.

Besides using it as a mobile device desk stand, it can be used for many other purposes such as key holder on the door, necklaces holder etc. Pretty interesting accessory if you ask me.

Tired of texts? Why not see it in action:

Stuckbuddy in action.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Small, Portable, Easy to use and remove, No stain, No damage done, No extra weight added

Cons: Slight adjustable angles, Not too ideal for tablet

I am interested, where can I get it?

Stuckbuddy is now on sale at Mobile Fun UK at only £4.99 (Approximately MYR 24.6 or 8.25 USD), but from now, if you buy anything on the site – you get a free Stuckbuddy simply by entering the word BUDDY in the rebate code section at the checkout – so it’s simple enough to get one without paying anything extra. According to them, this offer will continue whilst stocks last but don’t worry, they have a lot of them!

Getting or already owned a Nokia 5230? You can get your matched Nokia 5230 accessories at Mobile Fun UK as well, and with the current promotion, you get a free Stuckbuddy!

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