Day 5 with Nexus S: Lasting battery, Fingerprint magnet #Maxis10

Experiences in Day 5

Reflective Back Cover of Nexus SDay 5 with Nexus S started off with 66% of battery life, which is merely 1% drop in battery life after 7 hours – couldn’t ask for more. Similar to Day 4, the settings are remained and the usage of the phone are pretty much the same, so it won’t be surprised to have it last for another day.

One thing I really liked in Nexus S is the cool effect when the screen turning off – something that you can’t usually seen on most of the phones. I must say that it feels so natural with the screen and backlit touch-sensitive buttons on the Nexus S.

In contrast, the thing I don’t really liked is the plastic material used in the back cover, and it is a huge fingerprint magnet. After few hours of usage, my thumbprint is everywhere on the phone, and I have to always wipe them off from the phone as I can’t really stand to see them staying on the phone (anyone with me?).

After a late night chat for about an hour, Nexus S is left with 30% battery life, and it is after almost 48 hours since the full charge – pretty happy about it. Compared to my Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 which have a 1200mAh battery, configuring the same settings could only last me for about 1 day plus, so no complaint here. However, if you are a heavy Gingerbread loves Nexus S!mobile internet user, Nexus S probably can only serve you for 1 day plus, since it is well known that the 3G network consumes quite some battery life.

With my experience in Android 2.1 and 2.2, I can safely say that Gingerbread running on Nexus S is – no doubt – snappier and smoother, and I rarely feels any lag when I am using the phone, thanks to the better memory management in Gingerbread.

The next day will be the day to explore all the great apps (and more games) for this little monster. Stay tuned!

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