Get Extra 768MB Space in Dropbox for Free [How To]

Dropbox is a service that allows you to store documents or media files to their server, and synchronize them to all of your other devices easily. It is also meant to use for sharing easily where you can generate a quick link to your file, and monitor any changes to your file, which is very helpful in work collaboration; they also offers client in smartphone. If you are new to Dropbox, you can log on to their site for more information.

Although Dropbox team do offers some Pro account (50GB and 100GB) with monthly fee or annual fee for heavy users, but the free account from Dropbox which has a 2GB storage is most likely adequate for most of the office users, to synchronize their documents between home and workplace, or even home users, which can use it to store quite a number of medias such as photos, digital songs, documents, either for sharing or backup purpose.

Once you have your account signed up in Dropbox, you are readily to make the full use of the given 2GB capacity. Dropbox is so kind that they offer you and your friend (good thing meant to be shared together) a free 250MB for each invited friend that registered themselves, up to 8GB. However, unless you have a relatively large network, you might find it is a little bit difficult to get yourself free spaces in Dropbox (some of them doesn’t need Dropbox at all), here’s another way to do it.

If you have active (or may be inactive) Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can easily have an extra 768MB space in your Dropbox account. How? Just go to this page: where Dropbox will have 6 steps for you to gain the free spaces (128MB x 6 = 768MB):

1. Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox

2. Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox

3. Follow @Dropbox on Twitter

4. Tell them why you love Dropbox (Can access my documents anywhere!)

5. Tell your friends on Facebook

6. Tweet about Dropbox

Isn’t easy? Just a few clicks and you get an extra 768MB in your Dropbox account, which definitely comes in handy for storage or sharing (1000+ documents, or 150+ songs, or 500+ photos). Enjoy your free space and remember to make full use of every spaces in Dropbox!

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