Dress up your GMail now with 5 new themes

gmail-logoAfter years of waiting for new themes in the famous Google own web email service, the GMail, the developers have finally decided to give some surprises to the users with 5 new well-done themes, which focus on usability and fun during the use of the web email, and it is available now for both GMail and Google Apps users.

Basic Black and Basic White themes


The two new themes that are focus on the usability without any distraction from the theme, thus they are quite a clean theme, similar to the classic theme but in the black and white variant. If you like clean interface, basic black and basic white is definitely the themes for you.

Tree Tops theme


GMail developers have decided to add another theme related to nature such as Tree, Turf etc., the Tree Tops theme. Nothing particularly special, but if you always love to use greenish theme for your GMail, you might want to check it out. Can’t complaint for the free stuff right?

Marker theme


Marker theme is quite an interesting theme, features a hand-drawn GMail logo and some marker highlighting the selected option. Everything seems to be handmade in the theme, which is quite special and different from those previous themes.

Android theme


One of the best theme in the 5 newly released themes, especially if you are an Android fan. Featuring the android robot and a techie looks with the green color (PMS 376C) used in the Android robot, this theme is the best to go with the some unofficial Google Chrome theme related to Android, the Robot Theme, Aero Robot Theme, and Green Robot for Chrome. Definitely a keeper for now (at least for me)!

With the release of these new themes, it is definitely showing that the GMail developer still cares about the user customization (and a little bit of marketing for Android), and I hope that it won’t be long before they release some new themes or new customization option. Surprise me, GMail team!    

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