Review of FlexiShield Skin for Nokia X6 [Mobile Fun]

Few weeks back, I am lucky enough to get contacted by Mobile Fun to contribute a review on the FlexiShield Skin for Nokia X6. Below shown the well-packaged FlexiShield Skin sent from UK to my home country, Malaysia. (Thanks Mobile Fun UK) 


Package sent from UK to Malaysia

So what is this FlexiShield Skin for Nokia X6? Borrowing the details from Mobile Fun, it has these features:

  • Made to measure for the Nokia X6- Fits the phone perfectly to add better protection
  • Strong, durable material – Protects your phone from bumps and gives a non-slip coating
  • Cut outs for all the Nokia X6’s features – Use your phone without removing it from the case
  • Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk – Fits perfectly in your pocket

Made to measure for the Nokia X6

Yes, indeed. It is surprising well-fitted to the phone and require no installation skill, all thanks to the rubberized-gel like material, which is flexible enough to be installed, and removed in no time. I’d say it did offer an instant extra protection to the phone.

07052010086Rear View of FlexiShield for Nokia X6

Strong, durable material

I wouldn’t deny it. The material used in FlexiShield is obviously quite tough and flexible, and added extra coefficient of friction to the rear part of the phone. With the FlexiShield skin on, I am always free to put my phone on the table (or any surface) without worrying my rear cover get scratched. Compared to crystal case, FlexiShield offers better bump protection (able to absorb more bump effects due to the material) and it doesn’t have the risk to get cracked as in the crystal case. Besides that, Nokia X6 is famous for their fragile back cover and casing (and slippery too); but with FlexiShield, the extra grip provides more confidence while holding the phone.


My Nokia X6 with FlexiShield on

Cut outs for all the Nokia X6’s features

The cut-outs are pretty well done too. All the features such as USB port, headphone port, speakers, camera lens etc. are all being uncovered by the FlexiShield for better accessibility without removing the case. However, I personally felt that there is some room for improvement:

  • The SIM slot cut out rendered useless due to the SIM card installation method for Nokia X6 where you have to remove the battery prior to SIM card removal. Thus, if a SIM card exchange is needed, FlexiShield has to be removed as well.
  • The cut out for keylock is preferably bigger or may be thinner for that particular area. I am always a single-handed user for the phone and thus it is very important that the keylock can be accessed and moved with single hand. Unfortunately, with FlexiShield installed, I am no longer to be able (or very difficult) to unlock the phone with single hand due to the small cut out.   

07052010084FlexiShield Skin for X6 – Cut-out are well done

Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk

I couldn’t agree more for this. Due to the slim fitting design and light material, there is no noticeable extra weight on the phone, and it can be easily placed into pocket. And talk about design, did I mentioned that the crystal-like section of the rear part of the FlexiShield makes my Nokia X6 even more standout?

IMG_7108Another view of my Nokia X6 with FlexiShield on


If you are looking for instant extra protection for you Nokia X6, FlexiShield Skin for Nokia X6 is definitely your choice. It is easy to install and remove, and able to instantly add extra grip for your phone. With a decent screen protector (which you can get from Mobile Fun as well), your Nokia X6 is almost fully protected from scratches and bumps.

Pros: Instant Protection, Extra Grip, Nice Crystal-Like Rear Add-on, Easy to Install/Remove, Durable Material

Cons: Keylock is harder to access, Could trap dust after long-term usage

If you are interested in FlexiShield Skin for Nokia X6, head to for more information. You can also browse through different Nokia X6 cases offered by Mobile Fun. Besides that, they also offer variety of accessories for Nokia X6 at affordable price with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty.


Nat and Mobile Fun Team



2 thoughts on “Review of FlexiShield Skin for Nokia X6 [Mobile Fun]”

  1. just bought the same cover today – awesome, u were spot on about the instant protection – w/o the cover its more vulnerable i was handling it like some fragile glassware… slot for the sim should have been ignored, nevertheless great cover…

    1. Hi Tru,

      Glad you find my review to be accurate. The cover is really able to offer good protection for fragile phone like Nokia X6. Enjoy your phone and don’t worry about dropping. 😛


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