Play Starcraft II Beta with AI Offline [How To]

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Update 02-08-2010: Since StarCraft 2 has been released, this guide is no longer effective as SC2ALLin1 launcher has now transformed into a handy offline SC2 retail launcher! Just install the retail version with your activated and you can use the launcher to launch a skirmish game without login.

Hint: If you still kept/found the beta client and the older version of SC2ALLin1, you can still try to install it and play StarCraft 2 Beta offline with AI, but you can’t enjoy the updates from Blizzard which will improve the game. If you like the game, please buy the game to support the developer!

Previously I had putting up a guideline on allowing non-beta tester to play StarCraft II Beta offline, without actually having to be a part of the closed-beta test. Two months has been passed and Blizzard had released not less than 12 patches to fix bugs and add in new feature (Map Editor etc.), and thus probably the previously linked method doesn’t work well if the game has been patched. At the same time, the famous StarCrack AI has been gradually updated to a very challenging version based on the changes made by Blizzard (7.0.3 at the time of writing). Read on to find out how to play StarCraft II Beta offline without a beta account.

First of all, it is reminded that if you have a working offline version of SC II Beta and satisfied with it (if you doesn’t care about the patches made by Blizzard), it is advisable not to make any changes with it, since the new patches of SC II can reach 1-2GB (inclusive with the map editor which probably you won’t even run it once), but if you keen on playing the game with latest patches from Blizzard, then go on and follow this guide. Though it is worth noting that most of the steps were from, but certainly the guide below is written in mind for new user, although old user can use it without problem.


Step 1: Install StarCraft II Beta Client (Build 13891), advisable in default suggested installation directory (You can get the client installer in torrent form – it’s around 1.64GB)

Step 2: Run the StarCraft II Beta Client to update the game client. (At the time of writing, the latest patch is patch 12 (Build 15343), and expects it take quite some time to download since the total size can reach up to 2GB) (P/S: Do note that if the game client started without updating, it is worth trying to run the game as an administrator, I had mine updated in this way)

sshot-116StarCraft II being updated.

Step 3:  Download the latest updated Cache files and apply it in the correct directory. (At the time of writing, the latest cache files are patch 11 Build 12938 – it is for better replay compatibility) (Alternative Download Location)

Windows 7/Vista:

C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache

Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache

Step 4: Download the SC II Map Pack and apply it in the correct directory. (It must be applied in order to be able to select map before play) (Alternative Download Location)

Windows 7/Vista/XP:

My Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Maps\

Step 5: Download StarCrack ALLin1 launcher and install it. (At the time of writing, the latest version is 9.4.0 Beta which is to compatible with patch 12)

It is important to take note of a few things about the launcher:

(i) Upon double-clicked, the launcher will automatically installed into the default path: C:\Program Files (maybe x86)\StarCraft II Beta\SC2ALLin1

If you have a different installation directory for your game client, you have to manually move the folder SC2ALLin1 into the customized installation directory.

(ii) The launcher may need .net 3.5 SP1 to be installed in the Operating System (Windows 7 has it by default of course)

(iii) Verdana font is needed for the launcher, thus if you experience crashing upon startup of the launcher, you might need to have it installed.

(iv) If you had previous version of SC2ALLin1 installed, do remove the whole folder first before installing the new version eg. overwriting the whole folder might not work as warned by the author.

Step 6: Run SC2ALLin1.exe from the installed directory or the shortcut created at desktop. If you wonder how does it look like after launching the launcher, check the screenshot below. If you failed to run the launcher, do check for:

(i) In Windows Vista/7, run the launcher as an administrator, otherwise it might failed to run or function improperly.

(ii) Make sure you have your anti-virus turned off if your anti-virus program prohibit it from running.

(iii) Starcraft II game client has to be allowed to access network/through the firewall, else the game will be failed to launch (Nothing to do with launcher, it’s the client)


Step 7: Select the map, choose the race, select the AI difficulty and click Launch. Enjoy your game!

Hope you find the guide above useful for you to setup a workable SC2 Beta offline version. Do support the developer if you really like the game; I had mine pre-ordered from my local retail, and hope you like the game as much as I do.

All credits go to Blizzard for the fantastic game, (the hoster of SC2ALLin1 and StarCrack AI), and everyone contributed for this.

“My life for Aiur!”


80 thoughts on “Play Starcraft II Beta with AI Offline [How To]”

  1. it didn’t work for me, i followed every step. the launcher opens but it appears as if i had no maps. i tried to look for them manuallly with the ” add maps from folder option” and they don’t appear as if they were other file type. I downloaded the maps form the link above so I don’t see why wouldn’t they work.

    1. Hi George,

      May I know which Windows are you using? Do you have .net 3.5 SP1 installed in your system? Please check if the maps extracted to the correct folder. It has to be in the ‘Maps’ folder instead of ‘Maps\Maps’ or something similar. I have installed the tools more than 10 times and no problem at all. Let me know your outcome.


  2. Hi,

    I’ve moved the folder SC2ALLin1 into the customized installation my directory. When I click Lunch, but it didn’d work. I didn’t update lastest pach.

    Can anyone help me?
    Sorry for my English.

  3. Hi ghost301,

    I don’t update latest patch. But, it doesn’t affect SC2ALLin1, does it?

    Can you give me any advice?

    1. Hi le anh vu,

      Nope, even though you are not running in the latest patch, the launcher should work since it is not version dependent launcher. Moving the folder to custom installation directory is not a problem, but make sure your ‘SC2ALLin1’ is inside the ‘StarCraft II Beta’ folder. What do you mean by didn’t work? Nothing happen after clicking launch? Or can’t get it fully loaded?


      1. Hi ghost301,

        I’ve moved ‘SC2ALLin1′ is inside the ‘StarCraft II Beta’ folder. When running laucher, it had full features(Map, GameSetting,…). I click Lauch button, the progress bar on the loading screen reach 100%.But, it didn’t enter the game. It returned launcher interface. It didn’t release any errors and Windows, too. “StarCraft ii.exe” isn’t in the process(in the Task Manager).

  4. Hi ghost301,

    Thank for your replay.

    I’ve moved it inside ‘StarCraft II Beta’ folder. The launcher opens, it appears with full features(maps, gamesetting,…). When I double-click Launch button, it fully loaded. Then, it return launcher interface.

    1. Hi le anh vu,

      Can you try to download the map pack again? There is once the map pack posted by Vernam7 actually has problem, causing the problem of crash to desktop. I just wonder if you having the old map pack. Let me know if it works for you.


      1. Hi ghost301,

        I’ve download the map packs at others website. But, it didn’t work. 😦

  5. Hi vernam, is this really necessary to check for registry entries? i can not install the game because i am not an administrator on this machine and i want to play SC. I installed SC usine wine under linux and then move all files to windows machine. Is there a workaround for that ?

  6. Hello Mr.Ghost301
    I just found this site recently and I just downloaded the game too
    but I think there’s some unexplained things I don’t understand
    1. You said that it’s okay not to update, but I tried to do everything according to your tips (except update patch) when I open the starcraft game it shows login (which I don’t have the account) and when I open the SC2allin1, after click launch the starcraft2 is opened but only a black screen. I checked the task manager and it shows running status (means not error) but it always a black screen untill I push alt-f4
    2. Finally I try to update it. but because it’s too big I stop at patch 10 and tried to play it. when I click starcraft2 game it’s shows loading screen and suddenly ‘SC2 has stopped working’ window. same thing happened when I open the launcher, after click launch it’s the same thing again
    I use windows 7 in my Acer 4536 (amd turion x2 nvidia, 2,5GB ram)
    I hope you can help me
    thanks very much
    sorry for my bad english, especially at tenses

    1. Hi Aziz,

      1. Yes, the launcher should be a version-independent, which I believe even a non-updated version can be launched without problem. It is normal to login to interface when you directly launch the game. The launcher is meant to replace the original game launcher so the match should start at the SC2ALLin1 launcher.
      2. I suspect that your update might be incomplete which causes the crash since each update will made changes on the core files of the game. Try to rename the last version folder in StarCraft II Beta folder (StarCraft II Beta > versions > baseXXXXX) to something else, I think the game will re-update to the complete one (I am not sure though). Also try to disconnect you internet connection before playing, I guess the updater won’t start if it doesn’t detect any internet.

      Your English is fine. Let me know if you have any updates. Hope it helps.


      1. thanks for the answer
        but it still bugging me
        1. I understand what you mean, but it still doesn’t solve my problem because after I click launch then there’s black screen, no error, no notification, nothing but blank black screen.

        2. yes I think so, I’ve already change latest version base to another name, now it doesn’t shows the ‘SC2 has stopped working’ warning, but instead the crash window (yknow, which has a ‘describe your error’ field and send button). And yes, I’ve already disconnected the internet. and I’ve put the cache

        the summary is this:
        install starcraft>open starcraft2= bnet login
        install starcraft>cache, map, sc2allin1>open sc2allin1 = blank screen
        install starcraft>update unfinished>open starcraft2 = sc2 has stopped working
        install starcraft>update unfinished>change latest version base folder name>open starcraft2 = crash window

        I still don’t put the cache, map,and install sc2allin1, to make sure the result after update is still same with before update (the bnet login)

        any thought?

        btw thanks. I hope my english is at least understandable to you

      2. Hi Aziz,

        I would recommend you reinstall everything, from StarCraft II Beta to the SC2ALLin1 launcher, but that’s the last resort.

        For now, you could try a few things:
        1) Download the map pack and reapply, there is once a corrupted map pack being shared, causing the crash in game launching.
        2) Which Windows you are using? Do you have .net 3.5 SP1 installed?
        3) Disable your antivirus software prior to launching the game
        4) Let the game update itself to the latest patch (Patch 15 if not mistaken)
        5) Allow your SC2.exe to access to internet, don’t firewall it. I know it’s weird but if I didn’t allow it to access internet, the game won’t launch properly for me.
        6) Reinstall your SC2ALLin1 – Turn off Anti Virus before install, and also install as administrator.

        Let me know how it goes.


      3. Hello again mr.ghost301
        after more than 24 hours waiting for updates to be complete, finally the updates is finished. and now I can play it without any bugs (at least untill now)…
        so it means that you can’t stop the update at half. It should be updated till it done entirely or it will crash.
        just for those who want to know, I do observe the updating process, so the process is roughly like this:
        -updater check the starcraft version, after that it downloaded a set of torrents, then the updater downloaded the update files based on torrents that just’ve been downloaded and put those on the folder named ‘update’ (in starcraft ii beta folder), then updater installed those updates, then it deleted the updates and torrents files. after that updater check again the version and again downloaded a set of torrents, etc etc.
        a little tips: you can stop the download process and copy the torrents to another folder of your choice, so you can download the update without using starcraft updater. (using torrent downloader), if you have problem with starcraft downloader
        and you can also copy the update files in the update folder and copy it to another place, just in case you want to reinstall, you don’t have to redownload the updates, just put your copies to the update folder. just be careful, after update installation finishes, the update files will be automatically deleted
        what’s make it crashed I think is because it looks like the updater wants to install the latest version (patch 15) while some components can’t be installed unless there is a previous version of it. for example, a part of patch 11 is updating the staredit, which can’t be installed unless the staredit itself installed first, which is first introduced in patch 10, so if you didn’t update to patch 10 first, the update will downloaded it together with the patch 11 part, so after the patch 10 is installed you still can’t play it because there is actually a part of patch 11 has been installed too but only a part of it, that what make it crashed, i think
        so after this long explanation of my hypothesis I hope the reader will understand despite my bad english, again thank you for mr ghost301 for helping me



      4. Hi Aziz,

        I am glad that your problem finally solved and get the game running. So for those who struggling with the launching of the game, try not to interrupt the updating of the game client. Enjoy the game Aziz! Feel free to visit my blog at any time!


  7. Hi ghost301,

    I stopped playing Starcraft 2 for a while. but when i tried playing it again the launcher works, but the loading of the game only finishes about 50% then the game freezes. I followed exactly the instruction in hopes of making it work, installing the new launcher and updating the cache. but the thing is I had the same problem as Aziz. The ran the launcher as an administrator, selected the game settings then clicked the launch button but it only opens the login interface. if you said that the launcher is version independent, so it will still work if its updated only to patch 8 only right?pls help me on this one.thank you in advance.

    1. Hi zheer0w,

      You could refer to my reply to Aziz, see if those helped you. Also try not to run the launcher as administrator, just try to run it in normal mode. I suppose the launcher will work even though the game is only patched up to version 8. Let me know if they help.


      1. Hi ghost301,

        Tried updating the game, but there’s an error when updating to patch 9:

        “The patch “base\Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod\Base.SC2Data\TriggerLibs\MeleeAI.galaxy” could not be applied. (Invalid source file size: expected 49197, actual 53500.)”

        is reinstalling the only option?thanks..

      2. Hi zheer0w,

        Do you actually did any modification to the mentioned file? If no, you can try to restart the updater and let it update again.


      3. Hi ghost 301,

        Nope, i didn’t modified any files in the game. Ive been only using SC2Allin1 from the start and nothing else. been restarting the updater for a few times now but still no luck.


      4. Hi zheer0w,

        How about rename the latest base folder in version and let the updater re-download the patch? I think it is possible that the game client has applied the wrong patch or corrupted patch, causing the file check error. Also see if you rename the file Base.SC2Data to something else could eliminate the problem.


      5. Hi ghost301,

        after some searching, i think the file Base.sc2data was changed, creating the error. i’ve managed to find other base.sc2data from the net, but still no luck. im currently trying your idea of renaming the latest patch then downloading the patch again.hope this works. ive been itching to play sc2 again..


  8. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the uploader, everything is working great except for the very end, where when I open the launcher and select a map, I get a black loading screen with a bar that just freezes and dosen’t load. I’m soooo close to trying out SCII and I’m wondering if someoen could help me make it all the way? I’ve tried everything in the above post and nothing seems to be working, im currently updating all teh way to the full patch but thats all I got left and I don’t know if it will work.


    1. Hi William,

      Nope, that’s the best part of it. No Blizzard account is needed, but it only meant for preview purpose and has no intention to replace the retail release. Support the developer by buying the game if you like it!


      1. then do i play against the ai? because after running it, it brings me to the login for the game.

      2. Hi William Zhou,

        Sorry for late reply. Yes, you will fight against competitive AI, but you have to follow as what I have wrote. I think you are directly launching the game client instead of using the SC2ALlin1 launcher. Please check.


  9. hey guy’s umm….. i did all the steps and everything put, ii open the all in 1 and ok fine. put when i launch to play a game it just open the SC2 and the screen stays in black ??? idk what to do

    1. Hi Omar,

      Are you using the latest SC2Allin1 9.7.7? The 9.6.6 version has some problem accessing US server which could cause the black screen … Also have you updated it to the latest version just in case?


      1. Yes i did update to latest, and i got the 9.7.7 SC2allin1, i did all the thing’s and it still’s in black screen. ?
        any solution to it….u say ill so……im frustrated 🙂 cause i have SC1 put….not SC2….. 😦 i wana play it badly.. seing replay’s…its just more desapointment LOL really

  10. hey Ghost.

    umm… ok there was where i inatalled all the things, soo the page u gaved me, i cant get a file i think is named realmist idk how to find it :)….really srry for that….i fell newbiesh……

      1. what do i do download it cause it does not download, or just push the link an it apears, << that. im i ok know

      2. Yes, im at the same step and having the same problem as Omar here.
        I’m looking around my support folder and it doesnt have the realm.stf, also my cilent is still on base 13891

      3. Hi Element,

        I presume the file will be only exist if you patch the game before (I’m not sure though). Just place the file in the Support folder and see if the patches get downloaded for you.


      4. Hi Omar,

        Please read the instruction in the below link. You will require to download the file named realmlist.stf which consists of a link of patch server. No, it will not apply itself. You have to put the file in ‘Support’ folder found in your SC2 installation.


  11. put i push the download botton and it apears an,( does it apply automaticly

  12. I am getting a error after I launch the SC2ALLin1….It says “Unable to validate Starcraft II licence. Please log into from the game or editor before proceeding.”

    I followed the instructions exactly. I have no idea why this is happening. Any information would be great thank you.

    1. Hi Tim89,

      Currently the beta phase 2 is up if not mistaken and the launcher doesn’t work as intended. The author of the launcher has been away for a few days so please wait patiently for some update from him. Thanks.


  13. Hi guys,
    I also got the black screen problem and dont have the bandwidth to update the game anymore 😦 is it possible to fix without updating 2gb . . i just get a black screen after loading and can move my cursor but nothing else happens.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rein,

      Unfortunately it seems the latest patch 16 and 17 has broken the SC2Allin1, which you no longer able to play directly using it. There is a planned update for this tool, but it could take a few days. Meanwhile, if you really can’t wait, there is a workaround that supposed to allow you play the game, but via the map editor. Link is here.

      Hope it helps.


  14. After following every steps, i start SC2Allin1, chose map and configs, but then when i launch it says that u need account. Did i patch anything wrong or is because of gameclient update to patch 17? i did steps after the gameclient update

    1. Hi Alex,

      Unfortunately it seems the latest patch 16 and 17 has broken the SC2Allin1, which you no longer able to play directly using it. There is a planned update for this tool, but it could take a few days. Meanwhile, if you really can’t wait, there is a workaround that supposed to allow you play the game, but via the map editor. Link is here.

      Hope it helps.


  15. Ey, got a problem here… maybe u could help! 🙂

    I followed every instructions and the game loads but only loads the map, not the players nor the human player (supposely me). Therefore, i cannot play… i just can look around the map!!

    What is the latest patch?! I don’t know where the problem could be… if u could help me that’d be great! Thanks!

    1. Hi Timer,

      I am not quite sure what is the latest patch, if not mistaken it should be a patch 18 or 19 which is for beta phase 2. Have you download the latest map pack and SC2Allin1 9.9.0 from ? You would need them if you have patched your game to the latest version. Hope this helps. =)


      1. I just installed the game again and it works! Finally tasted SC2… and I don’t really like it 😦

        But I’d try to give’em a chance! 🙂 Maybe not when is out but later I’ll buy it!

        Thanks for the advise!! And also for this instructions!! U rule!!

    1. Hi Vernam7,

      Sure thing mate. Will do it asap. Can’t believe you have made the launcher to this extend. Great job and keep it up! 🙂


  16. Error appear while opening SC2ALLin1.exe “The application failed to initialize properly. (0xc0000135)” Solution ??????
    I followed every instructions ?????
    Help me

    1. Hi there,

      Are you using the beta build or the retail version? If you are using the beta one, it will not work as the beta phase is over and the new launcher is made to compatible with the retail version ONLY. Use the older version of launcher for the beta build. If you are using the retail version, you must have the account activated with your genuine key or *ahem* crack (not recommended), then use the launcher as the offline skirmish launcher.


  17. ghost301 you seem to know your starcraft 2 maybe you can help me lol. I installed the game and multiplayer runs fine, but when I try to play single player I have a problem. The first cutscene runs fine and it loads up fine but when I hit the “launch” button to start the first mission my game freezes and whatever audio is playing just loops. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Michael,

      I never experience the problem mentioned by you, but a quick search on Google does seems that there are a slight portions of player having the same problem, and most of them are using the ATI graphic card. Are you using the ATI’s one as well? Have you apply the latest driver from them? It seems that their newer driver have some fixes related to StarCraft 2. Or perhaps you can try a reinstallation to see if the problem still persist.


  18. Hi, it don’t work for me. I start SCAllin1, then it opened. I choose map without problem then i press launch and it starting and there be login in account first -.-

    1. Hi Radek,

      Just FYI if you are not aware that the SC2Allin1 is an offline skirmish launcher of a legit or genuine copy of StarCraft 2. You must have a key and login-ed before you use the launcher. It is not a crack, merely a launcher that speed up a skirmish battle loading. I have my legit copy using SC2Allin1 without any problem. Please check if you already have your Battle.NET account activated. Thanks. And I supposed the latest launcher will not work with the Beta version of SC2 anymore, you will need to find out the download elsewhere.


  19. Hey Ghost ,

    I have a small problem here .
    When I try to launch a game , this error occurs ;

    “Could not find a part of the path ‘D:\StarCraftII\Versions’.”

    Any idea what this is ?
    Thanks in advance !

    1. Dear Arep,

      Which version of Sc2 you are having? The beta version or the retail version? I did not come across with this error previously, but I suspect it might be your installation problem?


  20. Hi!

    I have downloaded the sc2allin1 from sc2nibbits. When i try to open the sc2allin1 application, it says “sc2allin1 has stopped working”. How can I solve this? 😦

    1. Hi Ralve,

      To be exact, it’s a free-to-play beta version of SC2 which have no updates or multiplayer or campaign (for older SC2Allin1), or the quick skirmish launcher for SC2 (for newer SC2Allin1).


  21. Now i made the launcher to start but only with retail version of sc2 1.2.0 but now when i m chosing the map race etc and press the button launch it just start the game. What i must do?

    1. Hi Buksy,

      The launcher is not made to launch the game for free, it will need a genuine licensed StarCraft 2 to use the launcher. StarCraft 2 that is not licensed will not be able to use the launcher to play the game. As for the beta version, you can play it but it’s only when you able to find the older version of SC2Allin1 launcher.

      The game is worth every penny, try support the developer by purchasing it. 🙂


  22. Hi ghost
    Hmm i understand what you are saying but i didnt found any list with the olders version od launcher can you help me with a link for something like that:) 1 mor eproblem how i can i make the beta version to patch up i doesnt want sa i said up in my post found some manual version of beta but cant download it says something about an error 404 you know…..

  23. Hi to everyone I have just one question it’s not so important so for me everything works, the launcher is ok and so on but when I enter in the launcher and when I choose Game (after I choosed map) I can’t find anywhere button for a party game with the Computer (AI or what ever it is) so can you tell me how to make the computers my allies ?

    Thx in advance 🙂

    1. Hi,

      May I know which version of Starcraft 2 you are currently playing? The beta or the full version? If not mistaken, the beta doesn’t allow to set AI as the ally since it’s not included in the beta. The full version should be able to add AI as an ally using the launcher.


  24. I use the full version of StarCraft 2 but I can’t find from where to add other computers for ally in the launcher… and I use the last version of SC 2 or the one which was update automaticly from the original launcher of the Game…

    Sorry my english isn’t the best one, but I hope to understand me for what I talking about …

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