Can’t leave your social networks alone while browsing? Use Yoono! [Firefox]


In the recent years, all of the sudden everyone that able to access to the internet was talking about social networks, especially the advent of the now-famous Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. This can lead to a scenario for those crazy social networks fan: You are browsing some information for your assignment, but you don’t want to miss any updates from your friends (or someone-don’t-know-who) in your Facebook, Twitter, MSN, bla bla bla. Then you are thinking how to resolve this, without actually open up a new tab for Facebook, new tab for Twitter; that’s going to be quite a number of tabs just to keep updated from those social networks. So how? Use Yoono– I said.


What is Yoono?

With 4 Millions downloads (and counting) and being first featured by, you can expect this software (or plug-in) really has something to be so popular. So what is Yoono actually? Don’t let the name fooled you (at least it fooled me at my first glance of the name), it isn’t some name of an Japanese anime characters; it is a powerful and feature-full social networks manager that sit properly in your favourite browser – Firefox (and Google Chrome Alpha; No IE, Sorry). Under one hood, everything (updates, personal messages, shared links etc.) in your social networks are handled by Yoono, which keep you updated from time to time. So far there are 10 services (as shown below) supported by Yoono, and they have promised there are more to come. Youtube has been included in the recent beta release as well.


The interface

Yoono for Firefox sits comfortably at your left sidebar of the browser by default setting and everything is accessible through it. You can have it minimized to a small sidebar when you doesn’t need it and you can easily summon it to expand whenever you wanted to update yourself. Check the screens below on how Yoono placed in your Firefox after installation:

imageWhen Yoono is minimized to the sidebar.


When Yoono is made expanded.

Noticed the Green Share button in Yoono? Yes, now you can simply share any web page while browsing by pressing the share button (accessible via right click as well). And if you wanted more from Yoono, you got it. It has a great feature called Column Mode where it simply open up one tab in your browser and displays all the updates from your social networks in one page (fully customizable). Below shows how it will looks like if you have a tab running it’s Column Mode.


Column Mode in Yoono for Firefox.

How to install?

Since this is to introduce the plug-in version of Yoono for Firefox, of course you need the Mozilla Firefox browser installed. And also your social networks username and password (you almost forgot them don’t you?) for the setup wizards. Head to the Yoono Plug-in page with your Firefox and click on ‘Add to Firefox’. At the time of writing, the stable version is 7.1.6, but if you want to try out the current beta version 7.2 which supported YouTube as well, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Beta Channel (as shown in below screen). It will allow you to install the un-reviewed beta version of their plug-in. Works well on my side though, no problem so far.


After the installation, you will be asked to restart your Firefox (as usual), then Yoono will start asking you to add new social network/IM services. This is where you need you username and password installed, and of course, those social networks have to get your permission to provide updates to Yoono (to verify Yoono in them), but all are easy tasks, thanks to Yoono. Just after a few clicks and input, your Yoono is ready to feed any updates from your social networks and you can start customize it in any way you like.



Of course, some computer users doesn’t use Firefox, and there are some alternatives to use Yoono besides as a plug-in for Firefox. No, sorry, No IE.

  1. Google Chrome – They have released an alpha version of Yoono that can be installed on Google Chrome, although not having the sidebar feature at the moment, but they looks to work pretty well with the pop-out window. More information or if you are on Google Chrome now, install it via here.   
  2. Desktop version – How about an unattached version of Yoono? Yeap, your wish granted. They also have this full-featured Yoono all packed into a desktop version for you and not only limited to Windows, but there are versions for Mac OSX and Linux as well. Certainly a great alternative if you don’t use Firefox or Google Chrome, or you simply doesn’t want to spoil your browsing experience by any plug-ins. Download them right away

In case you are some Photoshop designers, you probably want to look into their recently opened Logo Redesign Contest that offered up to $500 to the winner. Who knows, they might be yours. Enjoy Yoono!



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    1. Yea, Google Chrome has it’s own advantages and may be I will jump to it sooner or later. Have you get hold of Chrome 5 from Developer Channel? Heard it perform freaking fast compared to the 4.


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