Facebook Game (Tycoon etc.) problem in Firefox? Update your NoScript!


If you are a Tycoons gamer on Facebook, and you found that there are some problem in the game using Firefox (mine is 3.6.2), chances are you have your Firefox installed with NoScript as well. And most likely you are having the NoScript version of

I have the problem in Tycoons since few days back where I can’t load the page for:

Player list for sending gift

Go back to the gift list after accepting a gift

Both pages showing the error “The page you requested was not found”. Even by allowing all the script in those pages of Tycoons doesn’t help in the problem. So, I have found that to fix the problem, get the development build of NoScript which is v1.9.9.59. Click on the hyperlinked development build once you enter the page mentioned. After installing the dev build of NoScript, you will find that the problem in Tycoons (and possible other game) will be solved.

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