White pixel on the top left corner of Windows 7 RTM? Don’t worry, it isn’t dead pixel.


If you have Windows 7 RTM installed in your PC and you suddenly found out a ‘dead’ pixel on the top left corner of your desktop (best visible with dark wallpaper), don’t worry, it shouldn’t have something to do with your display; yes, it’s the Windows.

Microsoft had, few days ago, released a knowledge base article (ID 2020674) which describes the possible occurrence of this white pixel on the top left corner. It seems to be affecting all Windows 7 RTM, including the Windows 7 Home Basic Edition.

One white dot (1 pixel in size), may appear on the top-left corner of the screen in the following scenarios:

  • In Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, the issue may occur after a user selects the "Windows 7 Basic” color theme and changes the wallpaper.
  • In Windows 7 Ultimate and other editions listed in the "Applies to" section, this issue may occur after a user selects an Aero theme and then un-checks “Enable transparency”.
So far there isn’t any patch from Microsoft that fixes the problem although Microsoft had identified this small problem, so users that get affected has nothing to do for it except waiting for a patch. I wonder if there is any users that actually claim the warranty for the display due to this ‘fake’ dead pixel?

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