Bored of the old Try the new!


imageA long time fan but start to feel bored of the layout/design of it? How about the new with new layout and a more social-network-friendly version? Although currently only available for U.S. viewer, which just rolled out one day ago, but you can always preview it for non-US users.

You can clearly see what is the element changed in the new compared to the old (bored?) one:

image The old


image    The New

Whether the other countries other than US could use the new as their local homepage, here’s some answer from the Microsoft Spokeperson:

“The new MSN homepage is only available in the U.S. at this time, but many markets have recently launched new, innovative homepages. MSN continues to invest in tools that enable the markets to share best practices, templates, content and ideas to ensure we’re taking advantage of our global investment.”

Source: Mary Jo-Foley ZDNet Blog

Again, if you missed the preview link for non-US user, it is here.

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