Fix the Nokia Symbian 60 5th Edition WSOD [How To]


It was one day that I found my Nokia X6 restarted itself (most likely due to memory leaking or something) and it decided to stuck at the famous blue NOKIA boot screen. It doesn’t boot into the main screen even though after a few times on/off actions, which certainly make me worried (phone dead?).

But luckily I have found a solution posted in forum which certainly revive my phone within a minute. Here’s how:

The WSOD occurs when the firmware boot analysis failed to verify the integrity of memory card. This could happen due to improper plug out the memory card from computer or a laptop without terminating the active connection "Safely Remove Hardware" or force the phone to shutdown with taking out battery few times; all these can lead to a corrupted memory card. (Author: Even though there is no memory card in Nokia X6, but this still happens to my phone)

It is almost the same like a desktop/laptop computer; the more you make improper shutdown, the more problem will rise on the next restart.

It is advisable to make a full backup of memory card in computer, just to avoid the lost of data due to crash.

When you having an issue with your Nokia 5800XM/Nokia N97(and Nokia X6) that it simply couldn’t boot up which stuck at Nokia logo, the only way out was to do hard reset. Now, no more hard reset again after I playing around with battery, SIM, SD/SDHC, headphones and charger random insertion and removal.

All you need is:
– Nokia Nokia 5800XM / Nokia N97 / Nokia X6 (Or any S60 5th Edition I guess?)
– Charger

Follow these steps:
1. Turn OFF your phone.
2. Insert charger.
3. Remove charger right after screen lights up.
4. Wait for a couple of seconds until the screen turns off. After that press power button.
5. After the standard vibration notification, put your charger in.
6. You can now insert your PIN again.
7. Profit!?

Note: The above quote has been modified a little bit by myself. The original unmodified version can be accessed here. Hope the original author wouldn’t mind this. 😛

I have tried the above method to boot my Nokia X6 and it works like charm. I was trying around with theme effect before the phone decided to stuck at the NOKIA word (or WSOD), so I suppose it might have some kind of bug related to the theme effects? Nevertheless, I am glad my phone is back right up and hope this can help you if you face the same problem.


64 thoughts on “Fix the Nokia Symbian 60 5th Edition WSOD [How To]”

  1. Thank you very much for your solution friend! believe me, I am one of the first buyer of this phone and I faced 2 times this happening. But 3rd time,I tried many times but I couldn’t open the phone. I really stuck until I read your solution. I finally found the solution. Thank you again!!

    1. Hi,

      I am glad that the solution helped you. I have mine updated to the latest firmware and somehow the mass memory gone mad, now still in the care center. Enjoy your X6!


  2. Doesn’t work this tutorial, I all do but anyway mobile thelepohone show blue Nokia text 😦 Please help!

    1. Hi,

      Which phone are you using? If the above method doesn’t help, that’s mean your phone require a hard reset then. It’s preferable to bring your phone to Nokia Care Centre for the troubleshooting though.


  3. I had the same thing with my X6 16gb. The above didnt work for me, The only thing that worked for me was the hard reset – but it wipes everything.
    How to :
    turn off by removing the battery
    hold down the red key, the green key and the camera key all together then turn the phone on
    continue holding down for a few seconds, then release. You’ll then get the nokia hands animation.

    1. richard,thanks for this!!!
      I thought that my phone is dead, but the way to start!
      Thanks again, I’m saved!


  4. Hi, the charger trick never worked for me 😦 but the method about holding down the red key, the green key and the camera key worked like a charm even though i lost everything 😦 but at least my phone works 🙂

    Thanks for your help guys

  5. omg thanks soo much! my nokia x6 has been frozen for hours until i ame across this method of turning it back on. again thanks

  6. I’ve suffered with the same problem…there’s nothing more infuriating then paying a high monthly phone bill for a new phone which can’t even figure out how to get itself off the white and blue nokia logo screen. I tried the holding camera green and red button and did not work…then i tried the charger method and it came on!! i was lucky enough to do it and not have it reset on me so who ever found that little fix high five to them!! 🙂 I’m very happy that its working again but completely lost faith in the phone alltogether, i resent buying it and wouldnt advise anyone to purchase unless you have the patience of a saint….All the best to those who have the same problem 🙂 xxx

  7. the charger trick used to work on my x6…until yesterday when the phone randomly turned of while i was playing s game…now the power button at the top of the phone doesn’t work 😦 im fed up of this started 2 weeks after i got the phone..i think im just gonna have to send it in for a repair 😦

    1. Hi blackX6,

      I am not quite sure but I think it tricks the phone to think that it is restarting or something. Glad it works for you. Try update to v20 firmware if you haven’t, I have no such problem ever since I updated to it. =)


  8. Thanks for your help man, but it still happen if i turn off the phone. FYI, after i’ve uninstalled the GARMIN, the problem more fault restart..I think that might be due to high using memory for GARMIN…

    1. Hi Halimi,

      No problem man. Glad it helps you. My Nokia X6 doesn’t have this problem anymore since I have updated to v20, is your phone updated? I heard Garmin software having problem with v21 firmware, so I did not update to that.


  9. actually i’ve upgraded to version V21.0.004..did you think, that the cause of fault restart for my X6 is because v21 not suitable with my Garmin rather than i using v20 with Garmin.. what’s your opinion bro?

    1. Hi Halimi,

      I can’t be sure but it might b the one that does the fault start, I believe. Anyhow, I think by normal route, it will be impossible to downgrade a Nokia phone’s firmware, unless you re-flash the phone using flashing tool or through Nokia Care Center.


      1. dear,
        If i format my phone, should it be restored again to the previous version?
        sorry for too much question.:-)

    1. Hi MohdWahidi,

      No problem mate. Glad that you find it useful. Usually I will only need to do it 1 time then it will turn on, but recently I didn’t have such problem anymore.


    1. Hi,

      Do try the method several times, it might work at your end. If this method doesn’t help eventually, the only thing you can do is to restore the factory settings for your phone.


  10. hey my x6 wont switch on at all the screen is blank iv tryed all sorts can any body help with this the phone has been away before and they reset it i lost every thing 😦 gutted that i have to do it again but if i have to then i will help pls

    1. Hi Adam Cooper,

      Do you confirm you did it right? Sometimes there might be some confusion over the steps. What is your last activity before your phone decided to go blank?


  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought my phone went dead and i am so glad that i was searching for an online solution.
    I can’t thank you enough!

    1. Hi,

      If your phone won’t turn on, most likely either the battery has a problem/flat, or the phone is totally dead. I advise you to have a check in Nokia Care Centre.


      1. I have purchased a new nokia x6 yesterday..
        I have used it only for 14 hrs from purchasing. but during this time i found i getting restarted nearly 10-12 times.what might be the issue.
        any help would be highly appreciated.
        can i try the tweak you have suggested?

      2. Hi,

        This post isn’t a tweak for the phone, but it merely a way to revive the phone from WSOD. If you have auto-restart issue, I would suggest you to do a clean format of your phone, or update your phone to the latest firmware. If the problem still persist, check with your phone dealer/Nokia centre, probably you had a defect unit.

        Just a small tips: If your phone is brand new without any third party apps, yet it keep restarting, it is almost certain that your phone is a defect unit.

        Hope it helps.


  12. Thank you very much for the tip, i would like to know if the latest firmware v31.0.004 solve all these problems and confllicts or no , and if there is a GARMIN app compatible with X6, other question plz – does SPB SHELL can cause this conflict or no.


    1. Hi Mohamed,

      No problem mate. I am not sure which firmware my Nokia X6 was in, but I remember the problem has gone in the new firmware, no more WSOD. Yes, if not mistaken, the latest version of GarminXT supports Nokia X6. About SPB Shell, I would not say yes or no, as there is always a possibility. However, I do not recommend using SPB Shell in the long run as it does consume battery life and RAM on the phone, which is based on my own experience.


  13. Hi,

    I wanted to update my phone software via Ovi suit and whilst installing the new software my phone wnet blank and i thought that is normal as they said it will go blank but should come back up.
    Then i got an error message on Ovi suit saying the connection to my phone is lost.
    I checked my phone and it was on the white screen and i couldn’t do anything. I had to remove the battery and when i tried to switch it on it onlyh vibrates but keeps vibrating constantly and wont stop! My phone doesn’t boot up at all and all it does now is vibrating. I have to remove the battery to stop the vibrating.

    I can’t even charge my phone now and i tried the hard reset but it doesn’t work because as soon as i press the power button it starts vibrating!

    Can anyone help please?


    1. Hi Sarah,

      If your phone doesn’t boot up with the white screen with NOKIA logo, most probably you had a bad flash on the phone. The best solution will be sending your phone to your nearest Nokia Service Centre to seek for a reflash/repair. Without specific tools, it is almost impossible to recover the phone by the end user.


  14. i have nokia x6 16gb…i install some fonts to x6 mass memory then i restart phone then light will blink then off immediately…i also do hard reset many times nothing will happen and also do this carger method nothing happen…the phone is blink and off only….plz hepl me to get back my x6 to normal

    1. Hi,

      If your Nokia X6 cannot boot up and you cannot see the NOKIA screen, most likely it’s because of the corrupted system, not the hang system. For this case, you will have to reflash your phone. Send it to the Nokia Care Centre or the phone seller to recover it. It is impossible to recover the phone without specific tool to flash it unfortunately.


  15. hi
    i have tried to do the charger trick many times but my phone still has this WSOD, i have had this phone from more than a year but it never gave a problem until i updated the nokia maps on it and then all the trouble started and now this.
    i am not bothered about the phone as i am going to get a new one but i am more concerned about my contact details and other data(contacts are very important) so i am not doing a hard reset, plz. plz plz. help me with this i would be highly grateful…

    1. Hi,

      The WSOD you talked about, do you see the NOKIA logo when the phone is turned on? If yes, please do the charger trick until you can revive your phone. If there is no NOKIA logo shown, most likely your firmware gets corrupted and I am afraid your contacts have to be deleted if you want to revive your phone.

      You can try to talk to your nearest NOKIA care centre to see if there is any chance to revive without formatting though.


      1. Hi
        thanks for your reply mate, yes i can see the nokia logo and i am doing the charger trick since yesterday. so far there is no change but lets see i am still giving it a go for another 10 times i suppose then i will try to hard reset the phone.
        If any other advise plz. let me know

        Thanks Again

      2. Hi Atique,

        This charger trick is quite tricky to make it work I supposed, but if you already do it for quite some time, probably it cannot be applied to your device. Unfortunately hard reset is the easiest option.


      3. Thanks for your help mate . . .
        i guess i will just hard reset it and lets see if that makes it work 🙂

  16. Hi,

    I am facing the same problem with my nokia x6. I tried your charger/battery trick. But, after I entered my passcode. Then it asked me to enter date and time. I accepted the default date and time. Then two hands shaking screen came up and then I got a black screen. My phone got stuck at the black screen, it won’t move forward. Any suggested solutions other than the hard reset?


  17. hey i have d same problem…my phone(nokia x6 8gb) got hanged…i removed d battery and tried to switch on…
    but its not giving any response…just nokia logo is coming up and some purple lines are appearing…which gradually fades up…
    i tried that charging trick and that hard reset…but they are not working at all…
    i am worried…

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