Play StarCraft 2 Beta offline with AI Now!


It seems like nothing can stop those expert coder to hack the StarCraft 2 Beta to be playable to everyone (I guess they hate Blizzard so much that they make it a closed beta? :/). Now playing against AI is no longer an issue in the hacked offline SC2. 

As usual, head to gamingnewslink for the full tutorial on how to add AI in the previously play-it-on-you-own SC2 beta. If you have done the offline patch, what you need to do is to download a map with AI off from the links provided in gamingnewslink, then you can start the killing right away. But you might find that the AI is a little bit too easy to your taste; no worry, there is an additional AI group working on it, namely StarCrack AI, with the current version of 5.5 at the time of writing. 

Would really love to thanks Lazy_Town for their effort to let us play this most legendary sequel RTS game in PC world. Keep it up and keep them coming!

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