Enable endless page for Google Search in Firefox! [How To]


Do you find that whenever you search for something in search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, it is always quite annoyed that you have to click for the next page after you looked into the previous page? What about an endless page in just one tab in Firefox and search them all? You got it!


There is a Firefox plug-in called FastestFox (Previously known as SmarterFox) will do the job for you. It enable the endless page for search engine such as Google (I tried Bing and Yahoo but doesn’t seems to work), as well as forums, or even some of the well-coded multiple pages articles. While surprisingly the endless page feature doesn’t become one of the mentioned features in Fastestfox homepage, but personally I heart this feature.  

So how does it work? Well, it works just as what you think about endless page. Once you have the plug-in installed and activated the endless page, you would find that (take google.com as instance) everytime you scroll to the bottom of the search results page, there will be a pop-up saying loading next page (as screenshot below).




Depends on your internet connection, the next page will be loaded and separated by a page bar which stated the page number as below. And yes, all is done just under one tab.




This is particularly useful when you need to search for some information that required numerous of search result inputs, and you don’t even have to click for the next page; every search become seamlessly under one tab.

Besides the endless page feature that I loved, there are also many features in FastestFox worth mentioned. It enhanced the already good awesomebar in firefox, which Google search results automatically appear as you type.




For those Wikipedia fans, FastestFox also made the reading more efficient by adding a ‘related articles’ column to the left side of Wikipedia (works in old and beta interface).




There are still couple of other nice features packed in FastestFox plug-in, you might want to check them out in their features page. If you are already can’t wait to explore the plug-in yourself, go ahead to the Add-ons for Firefox to install FastestFox. If you are a Google Chrome user, you have the luck with you as they also released an extension for Chrome that does the same thing in Firefox. Enjoy the surfing!

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