Apple iPad will become a failure, sooner or later…


It surprises (positive and negative) a lot of people when Steve Jobs introduced the recently leaked and rumored iPad from Apple. While it seems cool to have the latest invention from Apple, but personally I do feel that iPad is somehow a failed product. Why? For me, it’s nothing more than an enlarged iphone (no Mac OSX on it…duh…), flash-unsupported browser (HTML5? Steve Jobs, it might be too early for that), and limited customization (apple always love to control people huh?). While the announced might not be the final product, but more or less it won’t be much different from what they have announced. And what? iPad is a registered name for Fujitsu?

It is interesting enough to find that there are plenty of other tech geeks have the same opinion with me, and if you wonder why, according to gadgetophilia, below are the reasons why iPad would failed someday:

1. No Multitasking
Do you know that if you concentrate on only one thing at a time, you can do that more efficiently than otherwise. Apple has come out with its own way to teach us that old proverb. No multitasking on iPad. Come on Apple! We want to listen to music when browsing the net or we want to download some files while we are watching a video. Earlier I said that we have little or no use of multitasking on a mobile phone due to its limited screen size but this is certainly not true for a device that is trying to replace a full fledged laptop or netbook.

2. Uncomfortable Keyboard
This was quite obvious that the iPad would have a virtual keyboard because there is no space for an actual hardware keyboard. And those who have used virtual keyboard, know that typing even an e-mail on it may be a headache and if you are a blogger or just a professional who have to type for a few hours, this is simply not the device for you. From the pictures available on the net, if you thought that you can just put the device on the table and type on the virtual keyboard like a normal keyboard, soon you’ll find it impossible as the device’s back is not perfectly flat and it kind of wobbles when you put it on a flat surface. This makes the virtual keyboard more difficult to use. However, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the device and continue typing comfortably but then I have to say that you can also add two more wheels to your existing two wheeler to ride it like a car!

3. No WebCam
Yesterday I posted that the device should at least have an WebCam that will allow us to conduct video chat over a high speed internet connection. But Apple, with their infinite wisdom has decided that they can allow VoIP calls over 3G. We are very very pleased that you have given us your kind privilege to use the service. Oh! Apple is so generous! A cheap $400 Asus Eee PC Netbook can do VoIP or Video Chat through its WebCam but those devices are cheap anyway and Apple is obviously the synonym of glamor.

4. No Flash Support
Even if the standard smartphones have the flash support built-in their browsers nowadays, neither iPhone nor the iPod has the Flash support. And now, iPad also comes without the Flash support. The lack of Flash support in those tiny display browsers were pardonable but in a device that is going to be competing with the full fledged netbooks/laptops, this is going mean a deal breaker for many. Even the casual internet users won’t forgive those gaping holes in the webpage which were supposed to be making the website more colorful. And also, forget about streaming video on webpage!

5. Ugly Adapters
You need to connect any device to the iPad? You just need to have the adapter for that device. Oh! We are so glad that we can at least connect our devices to it! Thank you Apple for your generosity to us. History will remember this.

6. Go to Apple Store for Apps
iPad can only run apps from the Apple App Store. No other Apps shall be entertained. Period.

7. No HDMI
Want to watch those nice HD Videos in your big HDTV screen when your iPad screen seems too small? No there is no HDMI to view the HD videos you’ve just downloaded from iTunes. And it is a sin that you thought the Apple iPad would connect to some Samsung HDTV. You shouldn’t expect that Apple will allow follow any standard interface. They’ll rather create an interface of their own!

8. Battery
We carry a spare wheel with our car. The Car can go flat. I will then replace that with my spare wheel. But forget this simple things with Apple. Touch their battery and void the warranty. They list that the battery life will last for 10 hours but I doubt if it will run for any longer than six hours. This is too low especially if we keep in mind that some netbooks(=computers) are now able to reach the 10 hour mark.

9. MicroSIM
Did anyone know that such term existed before Apple declared it? Well, I guess not. The device is supposed to be unlocked and you can use any carrier with it but currently, the SIM is only available from AT&T. Therefore, don’t expect to run it on any cheap T-Mobile plans because they don’t have the SIM. Do you know any other carrier that uses this SIM? The answer is apparently, Ahem, No.

10. Too Big Bezel
Don’t you also think that the Bezel is too big to be called a decent one?

So you still want an iPad? Not for the coming three months though because Apple has plenty of things to settle (FCC approval, Fujitsu iPad, Pricing etc.) before iPad can be released and marketed. While I wish Apple iPad to get released without problem, but it could be one of the apple that drop from the tree without hitting Isaac Newton’s head. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Apple iPad will become a failure, sooner or later…”

  1. nice one but then what you can think of .. they can think of it also … let’s hope they got some way to cover it .. at least it is something new … hopefully it is nice ..

    1. They definitely thought of these, but they offers no/minor solution to them. Instead, they want to control the users so much. Eg. shifting to HTML5, use iphones ‘enlarged’ apps etc. I wouldn’t say it isn’t a nice product, but people is already start confusing why iPad is created in the first place …

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