How to read online article without annoying ads?


With the availability of tons of information on the world wide web, most of the internet users are using browsers to acquire information by reading online article (besides tons of downloading). However, nowadays, most of the website providing valuable information always look for some return, thus most of the time internet users will be bugged/annoyed by the animated flash advertisements or promotion texts (I hope you wouldn’t see that in my blog) which probably distract your concentration while reading the article.

Therefore, in order not to get distracted during the reading (and to get rid of the annoying ads), Tidy Read is created. It extracts the main reading contents and removes unnecessary materials within the browser on-the-fly to make the whole article more readable. You might want to check out the features that TidyRead can offer you (for free) in the video below:

TidyRead Live Preview Demonstration


As quoted from the official page of TidyRead:

While reading is one of the main activities on the internet, a lot of sites pay very little attention to the readability of their text, format and display. Instead, the reader’s eye is constantly drawn to other UI elements, ads, and widgets. This problem is even worse when surfing on smart phones, such as iPhone, iPod, gPhone, BlackBerry. TidyRead is setting to change this and makes your web reading enjoyable again.

TidyRead provides both browser bookmarklet and add-on, which strips away all the extra stuff from news or blog article pages, leaving you with some nicely formatted text to read. To install on an iPhone or iPod Touch, follow these instructions. When visiting a web page worth reading, either TidyRead is automatically activated (smart mode for add-on), or simply click the link (for bookmarklet) to enable TidyRead to render better readability of the page.

TidyRead has an in-page toolbar to allow instant customization of style (background, foreground and link colors), font family, font size, text justification and width of reading overlay.

TidyRead is available as a plug-in in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, as well as Bookmarklet for Safari, Opera and Apple iphone. For installation, use your daily-used browser to log on to and start your ad-less reading right away!


Editor’s Note

There are, of course, several of other plug-in offers the same functionality, but personally I feel comfortable enough with TidyRead in my firefox. It has definitely made reading on the browser more efficient and more clean (without those ads), so I would strongly recommended you to get TidyRead if you doesn’t have one yet. Enjoy reading and happy reading! 


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