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On the Thursday evening, I was lucky enough to attend a Nokia Music Explorers event held in Royale Bintang Damansara (All thanks to Nokia and TXT100). Basically it is an event all about the yet-to-release Nokia music service, and of course, the yet-to-release Nokia X6-00 (00 means not yet finalised if not mistaken). 50 of the lucky music lovers (me included XD) have been given a brand new Nokia X6 device and one year subscription of Comes With Music service, which is a service that allows you to download unlimited (yes, you doesn’t read it wrong) songs off their Ovi Player LEGALLY, and before you ask, yes, the service does include latest songs and albums (still updating though).

The event went pretty smooth, despite of some ‘epic fail’ moments (not going to tell you what, but something to do with Lenovo). You can almost expect everyone is only waiting for the arrival of their Nokia X6; and I believe all will be agree with me that the most exciting part in the event certainly is the unboxing moment.

A pretty standard, but full of surprises package packed the cool Nokia X6 inside. Everything in the box are shown in the photo below:

IMG_6274 (Small)

You might realized that the headphone is a little bit special, and yea, it’s a Nokia WH-500 Music Headphone (Even come with a pouch for it) that is bundled with Nokia X6 – The Music Powerhouse. And I love the keychain too!

You can refer to GSMarena for the detailed specifications for the phone, but there are several features in the phone worth to be highlighted compared to the other Xpress Music phone like Nokia 5800 XM. Nokia X6 has 32GB of internal storage, a capacitive screen (yes, finally), high quality stereo speakers, GPS (Ovi Maps), 5 Mega Pixels Camera with Carl Zeiss lens, and 2 LED flashlights.

While most of the features aren’t surprising, but the capacitive screen is definitely one of the selling points of Nokia X6. I can tell you the difference is so significant between capacitive screen (the Nokia X6, and well known in iphone) and resistive screen (like the one in my HTC Touch Diamond). I played around with 5800 XM previously as well and there is no way that the feeling is similar to Nokia X6; the capacitive touch screen is just awesome to play with (although there is some bugs in the kinetic scrolling at menu screen), and you no longer need to use your nail to touch – you use the finger.

IMG_6304 (Small)

Interface has no difference from the recent updated 5800 XM one, so if you previously owned any recent Nokia touch-screen phone, you will familiar with X6 almost instantly. And since currently the firmware for X6 is still not the stable one, thus there are certainly some minor bugs here and there, but of course, the firmware is good enough for daily usage.

As a music phone, obviously nothing can be more important than the audio output. Frankly, I never expect the quality of the speaker output can be so nice (although it’s normal to have crack if the song is just too much), but it’s just totally awesome. This is all thanks to the dedicated chip in the phone that optimized the music output. Remember the headphone? I can tell you that it is just a perfect match with the phone.

The size of the phone just come about right, but somehow it’s a little bit too long (good for horizontal mode though), and I still somehow prefer the height of my HTC Touch Diamond. Side by side comparison below:

IMG_6292 (Small)

Nokia X6 equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens camera and able to produce a photo of maximum resolution 2592×1944; the quality is just what you can expect from a Carl Zeiss lens and 5MP Auto Focus camera. I yet to discover the battery time of the phone since I only got the phone for merely two days, but there are some claiming that the phone is able to last for at least 3-4 days with a full charge under normal usage (including music playing), so it’s certainly a good thing if it is able to last that long.

IMG_6295 (Small)

Talk about a little bit on Comes With Music. So what is this actually?

When you purchase a Comes With Music device, you get 12 months of unlimited access to millions of tracks from the Nokia Music Store to use on your registered Comes With Music device and PC. Plus, when your service period is over, you can keep the music you downloaded on your registered devices.

I had a few albums and hundred of songs downloaded already since the activation of the service, and the feeling is just like the eat-all-you-can – you download whatever you want. The download can be done on the PC, or the device itself. However, if you downloaded the tracks in PC and wanted to transfer them to the phone, mind you, it could take quite some time. (I think it takes time to sync both PC and the phone) But all in all, the service is totally a new experience in music downloading and I expect it to become popular in the near future.

If you are looking for a Nokia touch screen phone with fantastic music experience, you might want to save some penny for this cool gadget. I am telling you I love this phone – Not because it’s given to me for free, but it is really a great phone, and awesome audio output. Don’t get affected by those who are saying it’s a cheap build or toys-like build, it’s all depends on individual taste. If you like it, go for it, and enjoy it. Once again I would like to thanks to Nokia and TXT100 for giving such an opportunity. Hope you enjoy the small review of Nokia X6-00 and Nokia Comes With Music service. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question regarding the phone in mind. I am more than willing to answer.

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2 thoughts on “Review on Nokia X6-00 Comes With Music Edition”

  1. My name is Ayan Gomes. I like Nokia X6-00 phone very much. Because this phone look very smart. I will bought this phone soon.

    1. Hi,

      Great stuff! Although this phone is old, but the recent update seems reviving the phone, not to mention that the design is actually pretty good!


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