Become a Gmail Ninja Master with Gmail Tips!


If you are a Google Mail user and change the theme quite often, you might find the ninja is no stranger to you. Yes, it’s the same ninja appears in ninja theme of Gmail. So apparently Google now wants you to know more about what you can do with Gmail, and if you able to learn all the Gmail tips, you going to be awarded as a Gmail ninja master (no certificate or belt for you anyway).

Google have categorized all their tips in four levels, each level has different tips that you might not explore before.


Aren’t they cute? So how do you access them? If you used Gmail account frequently, you might find that there are a red texts New! Gmail Tips above your inbox, click on it and you will reach to the tips page. Else for whatever reason you doesn’t want to login to your Gmail and want to access it now, the tips page is here. You might prefer to have a printer friendly version so you can read it off the computer, you got it.

So enjoy your Gmail tips and make use of Gmail to be more productive and efficient!  

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