Get yourself some freebies from NVIDIA! (Wallpaper and Screensaver)


Well, besides some nicely designed graphic cards and perhaps some new famous game titles bundled with them, what else you can get from nvidia? I am a big fans of nvidia as every single graphic card I has been using were from them. I rarely explore their website except for their updated driver, and only recently I realized that they do offer some nice wallpapers and 3D screen savers for public download. So here you go:



You can access the website for the free wallpapers at here, or if you prefer to download all of these wallpapers in an archive, I had done one (All in the resolution of 2560×1600) and uploaded to multiupload which can be accessed here.

Screen Saver

It’s been a few years back since they released the luna screensaver back in 2005, and just recently they have released some 3D screen savers for free, so if you are a fan of 3D screen saver (which certainly make your graphic card suffer a bit XD), you might want to check them out. These screen savers are actually from 3planesoft and they were paid screen saver, but now they available for you for free, all thanks to nvidia. (Although it is a bit disappointed that they are not nvidia creation) 

imageWestern Railway – NVIDIA Edition

image Lost Watch 2 – NVIDIA Edition

image Sun Village – NVIDIA Edition

There are bunches of other screensavers available from them as well, you might want to check them out here if you want to look for more options (they might be a little bit outdated).

Anyway, there is another 3D screensaver which is really nice that I would like to recommend would be the SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3, an aquarium simulation that can work as a screen saver.


No, the above picture is not from the real aquarium, it is the screen saver itself. Isn’t it gorgeous? And it certainly not a bad idea to have the aquarium in your PC without having to feed them isn’t? Of course, good thing always come with a price, it is currently price at $19.95 that come with an option of 30 fishes in the aquarium. But you can also download it for free to use, with the limitation of lesser fishes, and also a nagging registration screen pop-up when you try to access the control panel of it, but it runs well if you used it as a normal screensaver. So if you wanted to have a real-life looking aquarium, you can always download it off from here (Direct link to the file), or you can check out the home page of it for more information here

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