How to upload a file(s) to multiple file hosting services at the same time?


If you are a frequent file sharer (in a legal and free way of course) such as office documents, family videos etc, you might choose to upload those files to file hosting services such as the popular Rapidshare, Megaupload etc and share the file by sending the link to download. But there are always possible problems in this way of sharing: Some might not able to download all the files you uploaded to the particular file hosting service because of some free account limitations; some might have downloading problem with specific file hosting services (slow speed, frequent cutoff), thus you can’t really satisfy everyone if you only using a file hosting service. You might think that ‘Well, I can just upload to several file hosting site, then my problem solved!’. Yes, you are right, but it only applicable to small file sharing, but what if you going to share a few hundred MBytes of file/archive, are you going to do the same thing? Unless your internet upload speed is lightning fast, you wouldn’t want to waste your time by uploading the same file to multiple file hosting services, so what you can do?


So what is Multiupload? Like it’s name, it can actually help you to upload your file to multiple file hosting services which only requires you to upload the file once. Currently, there are 8 file hosting services are in their list:


While it only included some of the popular file hosting services (and also their own file server which made up 9 file hosting services), but it certainly more than enough to share files through all these services (if the person having problem with all the services above, then it is possible he/she have a problem with the internet). Thus, by only uploading the file(s) one time, your file(s) actually distributed to multiple file hosting services which means that your file(s) is actually hosted by more than one service. Isn’t great? You can access it here if you can’t wait.

So why do I recommended this service? First of all, it’s free while it is able to solve your headache in the file sharing problem. Secondly, it is ad-less. Thirdly, it really does have a lot of benefits when you share files through, while there are already some benefits that I can think of, but Multiupload is kind enough to list out all the possible benefit by using their services:


Not only that, Multiupload even come with their own batch uploader software for you to download, ideally for those who always upload files to get shared. If you prefer to upload files through the software rather than in their website, you can always download the software for free here.


Editor’s Note

Nowadays, there are more and more file hosting services available on the line (perhaps they are making big money), however, for me, quantity is not the most important one, but the usability of them. Multiupload is really a good hosting service which doesn’t cost a cent and certainly very smart to solve those file sharing problems. While I am not sure whether such service will actually offended those file hosting services, but just hope that Multiupload does not cease so easily, which certainly gives benefit to all file sharers. Anyway, if you are kind of person that concern about terms and conditions, you might want to check their Term Of Services which looks OK for me if you do not upload illegal files using their service.

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2 thoughts on “How to upload a file(s) to multiple file hosting services at the same time?”

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    Works well. Recommended.

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