How to make Firefox 3.5/3.6 to look like Firefox 3.7/4.0 Mockup Theme?


Using Firefox but started to felt bored with the default theme? If you happen to go through the mockup themes for their future releases (3.7 and 4.0), I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with it. Not only the theme is much more polished and clean, but they have also realized the presence of Aero Glass and decided to integrate it into Firefox. Perhaps without checking them, you will not know how adorable the new mockup theme is, so please, check the screenshot below (of course, they are not going to forget Windows XP users):



While they are just some official mockup themes for Firefox, but there has been a lot of Firefox users hungry for it and some even can’t wait for it to get realized, thus they have released the theme/plugin to make the current release of Firefox to look like the mockup one. You might want to check the video uploaded by the author that make all this possible for the current Firefox:

Firefox 4 Mockup themes for Firefox 3.5/3.6

So, if you are currently using Mozilla Firefox (regardless the current stable release 3.5 or the beta release 3.6), you can start to skin your Firefox to look exactly (almost) like the video above, here’s how:

1) Install Strata40 theme link (Essential)

2) Install Stratabuddy link

3) Install Fission link

4) Install Tab Progress Bar link

5) Install Hide Menubar link (For Firefox 3.5 user only)

While there are several more plugins that the author of Strata40 theme recommended to get installed, but they are optional and some doesn’t work very well for me, so the above theme and three plugins are more than enough to have a fresh Firefox. Just some brief explanation what those plugins do for your Firefox: Strata40, of course, is the new theme that looks like the mockup one; Stratabuddy give you several options to choose for your new Firefox layout, so you can either have the 3.7 or the 4.0 mockup theme activated in your Firefox; Fission combines address bar and progress bar which will work together with Tab Progress Bar to enable the green progress bar in the mockup theme (can be enabled in stratabuddy). For Firefox 3.5 users, it is recommended to install Hide Menubar to enable the the option to hide/unhide the menu bar; in Firefox 3.6, the option is already there by default.

Below is my customized Firefox 3.5 with strata40 theme, isn’t it nice? XD


Editor’s Note

Actually I been wanted to share this for some time already, but previously there are some small bugs here and there, so I choose not to introduce it until now. While it probably just a theme for someone, but it is actually quite customizable to enhance your surfing experience, not to mention that you can actually peek on your wallpaper through the glass while surfing (For Windows Vista/7 user only, hehe). If you are my frequent reader, you will find that I always tend to introduce customization/software that utilizing Aero Glass. Why not? Because I love Aero Glass very much. So guys, enjoy your Firefox and don’t forget to share this to your friends that are using Firefox!

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5 thoughts on “How to make Firefox 3.5/3.6 to look like Firefox 3.7/4.0 Mockup Theme?”

  1. I have installed all the plugins you mentioned.. and i am using windows 7 with Aero enabled. now everything looks like in the last photo, but there is no Aero there, although Aero is shown in the first picture.. how can i turn firefox to transparent too

    1. Hi Aram,

      Check your Strata Buddy settings. Under Window > Background style, select Aero and you are good to go!


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