Can’t miss any incoming email in your Gmail? Use a Gmail notifier!


Waiting for some important email and wishes to read it as soon as it arrived to your inbox? Don’t want to miss any business emails and want to reply them fast? Or just wanted to see the snippet or email title before viewing the full content? Then you should use a Gmail notifier software. They are designed to notify you once there are email arrived to your inbox, so you won’t miss any of them and able to respond fast, in case of urgent cases. I believe there are several options for such notifier, but I would only recommend three Gmail notifiers I been using all the while, and serve me well enough – The official Gmail Notifier, c2i GMailNotifier for Windows 7 and Gmail Notifier Plus for Windows 7.

Gmail Notifier

This official release of Gmail Notifier by Google is not a new thing, it has been released few years back and it is last updated on 2006 (according to it’s official page), yet it doesn’t have any problem running in Windows 7, and serve the purpose very well. It has a very light weight, easy installation, and it is very easy to get setup. Once it get installed, it will have the familiar Gmail icon sit in your Windows system tray, ready to notify you any new email coming to your way. You might want to check how does it look like when it is functioning:


See the blue Gmail icon in my system tray? When it turned to blue, this is when you have some unread emails in your inbox. Below shown the pop-up when there are new uncheck emails:


Yea, there is no eye candy as this program has been released few years back, and no longer updated by Google. But if you are looking for a simple yet practical Gmail notifying software, this is definitely the one for you. Get it here if you interested for it.

c2i GMailNotifier [Windows 7]

However, if you are using the latest Microsoft operating system, the Windows 7, you have more option for the notifier. What so special about them is that they have started to utilize the Aero Glass and also the unique Windows 7 jumplist to make the notifier look nicer, and more manageable. Let’s have a look on c2i GmailNotifier (attached it from it’s official site):


Once it get installed, it placed in your Windows 7 taskbar (pin it), with a small number at the bottom right corner to show you the number of unread emails. In the main window, it shows you some information about your incoming mail, including the sender, the title, and the date received. You might notice that there is a big number in the main window; it meant to show unread email count when you view the software with Aero Peek. Three icons sit at the bottom of the window, with the ‘Refresh’ button at the left, followed by ‘Go to Gmail’, and ‘Control Panel’ at the right. The time shown at the bottom right is the time last updated.

It is pretty easy to setup once it get installed, but given that this software is still under development, you might find that it lacks some functions, such as multiple Gmail accounts, auto startup when Windows starts etc., but I quite like the whole thing, especially it utilizing the Aero Glass (Alright, I love eye candy, ok?). Unfortunately, the author seems to halt the development and there is no update since November 8th, but we shall see. If you interested to get it, head to here and download it. (and perhaps give some comments and support, so the author might update it)

Gmail Notifier Plus [Windows 7]

What about Gmail Notifier Plus? It is a Gmail notifier released and created by daty2k1 in, and it does utilize Aero Glass as well (which is why I like it too :P). While c2i GmailNotifier views all your email under the same window (If not mistaken the maximum emails supported is 20 at the moment), Gmail Notifier Plus shows your email one by one, and you have the taskbar buttons (Next, Previous) to scroll through all emails and access your email account on browser when it is viewed with Aero Peek.


Unlike c2i’s, GNP doesn’t have a main window; it only work with Aero Peek, so it will do nothing when you click on it. However, it does have several options in the jumplist tasks which I had suggested to the author of the c21’s, especially compose mail task.


So if you prefer this one, go to the forum for this software, which you can access here, and download it off from the first post (registration not required).

Editor’s note

Many of us can’t live without email, and some of us can’t live if missing some emails (who knows, may be you got your job promotion through email XD), and that’s when these Gmail Notifiers which I had introduced exist to help you. Indeed, there are a lot of different choices of email notifying software, but if you looking for nice one for Gmail, you might want to consider those that I introduced. Tell me what you think if you have them installed in your Windows. Until next time!

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