How to resize images without installing anything? (Internet Required)


Previously, I have introduced a nifty app for simple resizing task in Windows, the Image Resizer Powertoys. But sometimes, things happen when you doesn’t have the administrator right to install any single software on the public computer, and you are in need of resizing a batch of photos/images for sending, reviewing etc., what can you do? Remember the I introduced few months back? For the same concept, image resizing is done without installing anything, without uploading anything; the only things you need will be a web browser with Java installed, as well as internet (does it make sense?). Introducing – ezyImageResizer (Thanks Andrew Dyster, the author of both ezy web for letting me know).

How does it work?

If you haven’t check my post regarding the their online archiving/unarchiving web application, you might want to check it out here. The concept is rather simple, you loaded their web application in your web browser which is a java-based one, then from there you could do your image resizing without installing anything. It act like an actual software in your computer, but all these are only web-based, so you doesn’t have to worry about the risk of installing third party software.

Resizing images with ezyImageResizer is very straight forward and fast, below is the instructions in their website (and a screenshot at the below):

  1. Click "Select destination folder" to choose folder where resized images will be stored. Resized images will be stored as ORIGINALNAME-resized.jpg
  2. Select the percentage amount you wish to resize the images.
  3. Select images to resize by clicking "Add Images(s)" or alternatively drag & drop images into "Images to resize" list.
  4. Click "RESIZE EM!" to begin resizing.


Pretty simple eh? So do remember this site, It can be your second saver. 🙂

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