How to solve MiniXunlei running error in Windows 7 x64?


If you are a heavy downloader, I supposed that you heard of a Chinese downloader called Xunlei (or in English, Thunder). This Chinese written downloader has some pretty impressive downloading speed, all thanks to their unique ways of managing download and upload (although it does raise up some privacy issue because Xunlei tend to scan for the downloaded files and there is chances that Xunlei will upload the file automatically to any Xunlei users that request that particular file). Although for me there’s no problem since p2p is always meant for sharing resources, but unfortunately, even with the new look and compatibility with Windows 7, it still has some minor crashes with the Windows, especially when the downloading tasks are all fully activated. Plus there are a lot of ads here and there in the software if you not keen to purchase their product (there are some illegal VIP patch anyway), thus I have started to look for alternative ever since.

So eventually I have found an alternative, that possibly have all the technologies used in Xunlei – the mini version of Xunlei, MiniXunlei. For further information about the nifty software, log on to


After I get the software downloaded (version, I install it in my Windows 7 Professional x64 without second thought. When I try to run the software, an error pop-up shown and told that the software has crashed due to EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error as shown below: 




After a few searching on their forum, I found that there are many users affected by this problem as well. But there is one temporary solution for now, install it in Program Files folder, instead of the default Program Files (x86) folder. I suspect there is something to do with the space in the latter folder. Hopefully next version of MiniXunlei will solve this problem as I can see 64 Bits has become more and more popular compared to few years back.

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