Get to know your PC more with Piriform’s new Speccy!


I am pretty sure there is some occasion that you need to find out your motherboard chipset, or your graphic card model and brand which all of them hidden in your beautiful casing for years; be it a driver update or firmware upgrade. We just can’t remember everything that we bought isn’t? And sometimes your friend require some help for their computer driver, but they have no idea what they have inside their computer, especially for those ready-built PC. I have been in a few occasion that I wanted to upgrade my motherboard driver and I keep on forgetting the chipset of my motherboard, and I did the dumbest thing ever: searching back my motherboard manual/box. But no more! All thanks to the latest quality software written by Piriform which is their fourth free software after the release of their famous CCleaner, Recuva, and DefragglerSpeccy.



Indeed, there is a lot of software doing almost the same thing, even in greater details than in the Speccy. But what make it different from them is that Speccy is lightweight, simple, easy-to- understand, and nice interface (does this count as one? Hehe). A normal computer user doesn’t need to know every single details that you can fork out from your hardware; it make no difference for them to see those information. Piriform’s Speccy is designed for everyone, be it a newbie or an expert in computer. Even though it doesn’t give you maximum information available from your hardware, but what it provided is very sufficient to do troubleshooting, upgrading, and even benchmarking.

Let’s check out the software interface (don’t look at my PC specs, I know it’s not so up-to-date :P):


The interface is a little bit similar to CCleaner, which both look very nice and clean. The main page of the software will be the Summary page, where you can see a summarized version of your computer specifications: Operating System, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, and Audio. If you really go through the screenshot, you will able to see that there is also temperature information for the CPU, as well as the Graphics Card.

At the left side of the software, there is a list of options where you can explore more about your computer’s hardware. They will give you more detailed information regarding that particular hardware. One thing I find it quite awesome is that under Operating System, you will know when you get your Windows installed, which is quite useful for reminding me how long I has been using the Windows without formatting. You will find more interesting information as you go on by exploring all of the options.


Snapshot Feature

One of the very interesting feature in Speccy will be the ability to save a snapshot of your computer specification. You might think why it is so interesting? Think about this situation: You have a friend who is very new to computer, and he get his computer formatted by an irresponsible technician which doesn’t install hardware driver for him, and he seek for your help. But you have no idea what kind of hardware he had in his computer. So Speccy can play it’s role now. You can ask your friend to download it, install it, run it and save a snapshot of his computer specification. Then ask him to send you the snapshot file (which is in .speccy), and you are able to see what is his PC made of. And you could help him to solve the problem.



Editor’s Note

Speccy, undoubtedly is a good piece of software and it should be equipped in each and every computers in my opinion. While Windows are able to give you some of the information found in Speccy, but most of them are not, thus if you want to know more about your PC, without paying a single cent, go on ahead and download Piriform Speccy. All in all, another quality software from Piriform. It’s really good to have such software development company which doesn’t always think about profit only. Thanks Piriform!

Download Piriform Speccy here.

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