Canon Image Runner (IR) 3100C EUR Windows 7 64 Bit driver


This post just meant to share a very rare driver for Canon Image Runner IR3100C EUR Photocopier/All-in-One printer. Even the official Canon website for the printer doesn’t have the driver, thus it is a bit lucky for me to find this rare driver. It installed flawlessly in Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium, with nice feature in the installer which allow you to install a network printer driver (most of the time such big printer will be networked).

Download Here

In case you can’t get the file in mediafire which I uploaded,  you can always get the file from where I found the driver which can be accessed here. All thanks to, which is probably the first hardware drivers website which doesn’t require to pay and zero-ads.

It probably installable for other model, as long as it require PCL5e/5c Printer Driver, so if you have an old Canon Image Runner which you can’t find driver for Windows 7, especially 64 bit one, try the one I shared. Hope it can help you.

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