How to check an email address whether it is a valid one?


Do you sometimes wanted to check whether a particular email address is a valid one, but doesn’t want to send a mail to the address just for verification purpose? Or you want to check anonymously whether a long-lost friend’s email has been inactivated or closed?

Here’s how:

I would love to recommend two websites for the purpose: IsValidEmail and Email Address Checker. Both websites is built rather simple for user to do email validation, basically what they need is just the email address. source: technixupdate



IsValidEmail comes with a really simple interface, which just require you to fill in the email address that you would like to validate. After key in the email address, just click on Invoke button. If the address is valid, a word True will be shown in a new pop up window. Else, a False will be shown. Simple?


Email Address Checker


Similar to IsValidEmail,’s Email address checker is quite straight forward as well. Just fill in the email address at the empty space, and click Check!. If the mail is valid (with high confidence from the engine), below status will be displayed:


Else if the mail is invalid, this will show:

imageAnother good feature that Email address checker has is that it stored the results of the email addresses you checked, so you can always refer to it which address you had checked before.


Hope these information able to help you when you need’em.

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