Error 651 in Windows 7: A killer for internet connection/VPN

Update (31.12.2009): It can easily see that there are a lot of Windows users have been bugged by this error (this post has occupied one third of the total visits of my blog), and I hope this article can help to solve your problem. But please be aware though, all the solutions were gathered from internet, such as article, forum etc., and I can’t guarantee that they will work for you. If they did, you are always welcomed to reply and let people know what have you done to solve your problem. Else, I am sorry that I couldn’t help you, perhaps you can ask for help from your ISP. I have updated several more possible solutions based on some readers’ replies.

You try to initiate the broadband dialer in Windows 7 and only found that it doesn’t work and returned with an error 651: Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error. And you had tried to restart your PC, your router, your modem etc. and the problem doesn’t go away. And eventually you want to bang your head to the wall because you can’t solve the problem, nor you can find solution online because you are not able to get online!

Same thing happened to me last few days which caused the update of the blog delayed. During some normal surfing, I found out that the connection was hang, thus I just disconnect the internet connection and try to reconnect. But hey, I can’t connect back anymore, with the error 651 while everything (hardware, Windows etc.) were ok. So for a few days, I can’t update my blog and I was trying to find solution for it in the office (don’t tell the boss, won’t ya?).

What I have found?

It is not hard to find the users that have the same problem as mine on the internet (you might want to praise internet a little bit?), but surprisingly this error seems bugged some Windows 7 (Beta or even RTM) users and it seems there is no official solution for it.

There is a lot of workarounds, suggested, of course, by other users since I mentioned there is no official fix for it. If you have this problem in Windows 7 (or may be Windows Vista/XP as some of the solutions works on them), check out what I have found:

1. Replace the raspppoe.sys in Windows/System32/Drivers directory. (High Risk!) source

Some of the user claimed that by replacing the raspppoe.sys in Windows 7 with the Vista one seems to be able to solve the problem. However, it’s a no for me. It doesn’t solve my problem as after replacement, it keep giving me error 797. And I myself doesn’t think that the error was caused by it because this method only works for those computers that equipped with Windows 7 and already have this error 651, which is not my case.

Quoted from Windows

The RAS PPPoE driver file “raspppoe.sys” found under c:\windows\system32\drivers folder seems to be the root cause of the problem. Fortunately, we can workaround the problem simply by renaming the original raspppoe.sys file to something like “raspppoe_orig.sys” copying a working file from a Windows Vista system. If you do not have access to a Windows Vista system. click here to download raspppoe.sys file (unzip).

I do not suggest for the replacement for the system file as it might cause even more problems if you doesn’t handle it well. However, if you insists of trying your luck, go ahead. If you having problem in replacing or renaming due to the error of TrustedInstaller thingy, check out this link. Take over the ownership of the file and replace it with the Vista one.

2. Uninstall Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Over the replies in the page, some users suggested that by uninstalling Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, the problem seems to be fixed. I uninstalled my Virtual PC which comes with Windows XP mode that exclusively for Windows 7, but it doesn’t solve the problem as well. If you have Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 installed, go ahead uninstall it and see if the problem go away from you.

3. Disable IPv6 for your connection source

I also found that some users claiming that by turning the IPv6 for your dialer, the problem can be solved. It is not in my case either.

4. Uninstall modem source

I am not sure which Windows it can be applied, but I supposed this is for dial up modem, but nevertheless, it still linked with error 651, and obviously, it can’t be applied in my problem since I am not using dial up modem.

5. Disable Windows Vista/7 auto-tuning feature source

One user suggest that the auto-tuning in Windows Vista/7 has broke down and he suggested a workaround to disable it prior to firmware upgrade for your router. This seems promising but yet, it doesn’t solve my problem either, as I am not using router.

6.  Disable some special function of your LAN card source

The user over the Technet which have the same problem as mine has tried to turn off some special feature in LAN card such as Interrupt Moderation etc. and it seems able to solve the problem for temporary. But again, not for me.

7. Reinstall LAN/NIC card drivers

Most common suggestion by the community but still, it’s not the case for me. Both of my LAN card working well.

8. Reinstall networking in Windows Vista/7source

Some says that by uninstalling the networking in Windows seems to make the problem go away. Again you know it doesn’t work for me.

9. Perform clean boot source

The moderator over Technet suggested to a user that having the same problem to perform clean boot to find the root of cause, and replace the raspppoe.sys file as well. Too, not working for me. None of the Windows/Non-Windows services caused the problem.

10. Uninstall Sun’s Virtual Box

One of the reply saying that it solved the problem by uninstalling Sun’s Virtual Box, along with Microsoft Virtual PC. I am not sure but perhaps there might be some conflict between the virtual network driver with the real one. You can give it a try if you had any virtualization software installed in your PC.

11. Recreate Dialer and restart the ADSL modem/router

This perhaps works if the error occurs when something hanged during the connection. Remove the dialer and create a new one, then restart your PC. Turn off the ADSL modem/router, wait for more than 30 seconds, then turn it on. Then try to connect.

12. Avoid sudden connection cutoff by software (preventive method)

This is from my own experience, I not sure how and why, but it just meant for sharing. One day, I had my connection up, and I install Norton Internet Security without disconnecting the broadband. As usual, a Internet Security Suite will have bunches of modules to protect your PC through networking security, so I did some necessary network scanning with it without turning my broadband off. Then all of the sudden, my broadband disconnected and when I try to reconnect, error 651 occurs again. Fortunately it doesn’t stay long as I managed to connect after waiting for a few minutes without doing anything, so I have learnt that when you know some software will going to cutoff your internet connection due to some reason, disconnect it first before proceeding.


With frustration of course, I ranged up my ISP (TMNet, Streamyx, Malaysia) for generating a technical report to solve the problem which I expect they will send me technicians to check for the problem as I suspected it is hardware problem (modem, LAN card etc.). But out of surprises, my connection is back without error 651 anymore. Then only I realized that it can be caused by my ISP side. I am yet to receive their call which I am going to enquire what happen to my broadband, but I am glad that the problem has solved.

So, if you had tried everything that I suggested, try to contact your ISP service centre, they might be able to solve for you. Good luck!


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  1. Hey I have the same problem error 651 in windows 7 and I called my ISP and they told me that they can not help me if I don´t purchase the technical support (6dollars a month)… if you tell me that the ISP is the guilty for this error, so are they doing this on purpose to sell you the tech support?? can´t believe this shit…..
    Please, anybody help me !!!

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      I believe it is case by case basis. Not sure what is the reason of your problem; do you have the problem after Windows 7 fresh installed? Or you got the problem after some time in Windows 7? If your’s the latter case, I suppose it got something to do with your ISP, though I can’t really sure about that. I had another same error after my ISP fixed it for me, but after a few hours I am able to connect without the technician fixation, so I starting to suspect it might got something to do with Windows 7 instead of my ISP.

      I would suggest you try to connect to internet through your ISP using other PC/laptop with Windows XP, normally this can help to verify whether is the Windows problem or ISP problem. Hope it helps.

      P/S: By the way, it’s sad that you have to pay for technical support for ISP since you are using their services. Sounds weird for me though.

      1. It began occurring for me the day after I received a new modem after my old one burned out…..

        My variables, new pc, new win7, NOW new modem, so I think it’s the modem.

        It began creating a new network each time I logged on until I got to network 7 and then it stopped recognizing the modem.

        Motorola Docsis 3.0

      2. Just was notified that my zone alarm firewall might not be freaking out because of the new networks all the time, but may be a part of the problem…

    2. 651 modem error.

      I got one of those after installing adobe acrobat standard and then I read about it
      on the web,.
      I ended up looking in the “local area connections” and found that my modem had
      somehow been disabled. After enabling it again, thinks worked as they should.

      1. Thanks Michael !!!

        Enabling the Local Area Connection trick worked for me also.

    3. What about a simple restore to an earlier date? It worked for me.
      I had been updating my Citrix software and it obviously caused my problem.

      1. Hi Tom,

        Thanks for the tip. Good one, I’ve also notice that some software ‘might’ cause this issue.


    4. I have discovered a sure fire way to eradicate windows 7 error 651 .

      step 1/
      download fake copy of windows 7 from the web, the one i have on my old laptop is from Hong kong

      plug in and bam! it connects automatically.

      I find this amazing since it is clear microsoft is selling garbage software which does not work
      and they do not have a fix for it. So i use my old laptop with fake windows 7 for broadband and my new laptop
      with windows 7 genuine for wireless.
      I discovered this by complete accident after many , many failures trying to fix a product which should
      not have been put on sale with a flaw like this. I downloaded my fake windows 7 using a torrent and simply searched for programme to include genuine windows updates, it’s bloody amazing, try it, i guarantee it is the perfect fix

      1. Hi Daniel,

        While I don’t condone illegal downloading of Windows in Techie Talkz, but if anyone that encountering this issue and have no solution, probably a Windows 7 reinstallation could help. Thanks for sharing your experience!


      2. my dear friend, i to do not particularly like using a fake copy. but consider i paid over 600 Uk pounds for my laptop and the windows 7 premium. I have tried every solution i could find on the web, including yours several times, and none of them worked. The best microsoft can do is direct me to a specialist who then wants me to pay him for his help. Now this is disgraceful what type of company is this that clearly sells flawed software and gives nothing to those who buy it. But this is not the real question here,the real question is how come a fake Hong Kong copy works better than the original? And how ‘CAN THIS FAKE COPY DO WHAT THE ORIGINAL CANNOT’CONNECT YOU TO BROADBAND’…WHEN I RESEARCHED THIS ON THE WEB I WAS ASTONISHED AT THE AMOUNT OF ‘SO CALLED FIXES’ YET SOME WORK FOR ONE PERSON AND NOT THE OTHER…This indicates to me their is a serious flaw in this system. I would simply recommend this; Microsoft purchase a fake copy, use it’s programme for connecting to the web and incorporate it into the original. If you want an analogy here’s one; if i buy a car i expect the brakes to work, i expect the starting motor to work…But in my experience when you buy microsoft, it is always full of things that just do not work.
        Now my friend i am not tech minded, therefore i look for the simplest and easiest way to get my laptop working, if this means using fakes, so be it, as i far as i can tell microsoft have no answer to this problem at all, and there is no universal fix..But i promise you one exists, buy a fake copy install it and connect…Now if i was tech minded maybe i could remove the program from the fake and place it within the original but i am not, therefore i posted a universal fix and people are beginning to use it..after all i paid microsoft for the damned flawed original, as far as i am concerned i can do what i damn well like with it.
        #Now if microsoft want to fix their flawed windows 7 and fix my laptops all the better, i ‘d be quite happy but they don’t, they won’t, therefore i do what i must.Why pay so much money for something that simply does not work…American consumer laws must be a joke.
        yours respectfully

    5. I actually work for an ISP and can only speak for the company that I work for but this is not an issue that we control. This error has to do with some configuration of the PC. My company also only supports the internet connection itself and VERY LITTLE PC issue. I just got a call with this error and did a quick search and found this blog. The customer I had was getting this error simply because his wireless card was disabled. Once he enabled the card he was able to reconnect to the network and was able to surf.

    6. I tried a lot of the suggestions above. To no avail.
      But I found the solution for a wired connection (LAN)
      My modem has 4 LAN connections. In manual I found only LAN 3 and 4 can be used for computer hookup. (LAN 1 and 2 are for decoders)
      So switching my LAN cabel to the next LAN output on my modem solved the “error 651” issue.

    7. I was getting the 651 error message. I shut down the computer, disconnected the power supply, uninstalled the wireless card, reinstalled. The computer is now working.

  2. ISP problem? I dont think so.
    If u google around, u will see that most of them are saying because of raspppoe.sys file
    Just because after u call the ISP careline and out of sudden u have ur connection back, u can say “it is ur ISP problem”.
    Typical Malaysian i guess.
    Blame the things on others.

    1. Meh …. If you see my post properly, I did mentioned there is a chance of raspppoe.sys problem… And I did replace the file but the problem doesn’t go away … And my ISP did tell me that it’s their problem where my port is hanged … I don’t simply blame on other, but I am still a Malaysian … I tried the connection on different computer and turned out to be the same, so should I say all the PC down at the same down? Meh … And if you see my reply properly, I did said I suspect it might got something to do with Windows 7 itself …

    2. I don’t know what a Zamir is but whatever you are your spelling is atrocious. And you summarize an entire country with what you think is

      Typical Zamir I guess. I’ll find out what country you’re from and then label all of your countrymen as illiterate racists.

    1. Hi Marmar,

      If you have tried all the solutions I mentioned, I would suggest you to get your Windows 7 formatted and do a clean install. It could be some software causing the problem. Also check whether the problem only exist in Windows 7 or it does happen in other Windows (XP or Vista). If it does happen to every computer you tried, it is possible that your hardware problem or your ISP problem.


      1. I think error 651 is same as error 678 on Windows XP. ISP may be the main cause. When you dial PPPOE actually you send PADI packet to BRAS and BRAS should send PADO, it it cannot send this error is generated. If this packet cannot reach BRAS this error will be generated. so check your device connection first and then check ISP

  3. another way is the delete broadband connection and create a new waiting a few minutes and on/off adsl modem and connect again

      1. my friend check out the perfect solution posted by Daniel, please note it is your own responsibility if you decide to use it, but it works perfectly every time.

  4. I dont think it is a windows 7 problem. I had this same problem with Vista. It just didn’t happen as often because I only loose connection when the computer reboots. I leave my computer on for this reason. But since I installed windows 7 there are all of the updates and reboots all the time. Also it doesn’t affect my connection on my laptop which is on the network. Just the desk top that is directly connected. I will buy a new modem from ATT before I mess with the registry. I use my desktop for business so I have to find a solution quick.

  5. I tried the risky version, replacing rasppoe.sys with the Vista version. At first attempt: No luck, I got an error 797, as you write above.

    Second attempt: 1) Uninstall the modem drivers (in my case: Speedtouch 330) 2) replace rasppoe.sys with the Vista version. 3) I think at that point I did a reboot. 4) Re-install the modem drivers.

    And, magic, now everything works!

  6. First of all thank’s to all of you for the help. I was getting crazy since 3 days with this “error 651” and in this forum I found a lot of good advise.
    Anyhow, as per some of you, also in my case, none of the above test give a solution.
    Finally I solved just connecting my modem via “ethernet cable” to the PC, and not anymore via USB as I was doing for all the 3 previous days. I think that Windows 7, simply doesn’t have the driver for the USB connection to the modem.
    For those that still have the problem, let’s try to connect via ethernet cable and good luck.

    1. It’s glad to hear that your problem finally solved, I certainly understand how does it feel to have problem connecting to the internet. So if anyone having this error 651 and connected the modem with USB, you might want to try connecting your modem via ethernet port.


  7. I fixed it on my laptop here in the office by accident- just started turning on and off things… I disabled the Flow Control in the adapter properties on the advanced tab. When i clicked apply, it fixed itself.

  8. I was going crazy trying to work out what I was doing wrong as I also keep getting Error651. The computer was able to logon onto the internet just fine when I had Vista (trial version) installed. As soon as I loaded windows 7 my connection was lost. Luckily I have 2 computers, so I know it has nothing to do with the internet provider etc. Will try some of your suggestions.

    1. Are both of your computer running the same operating system? It might be operating system specific problem … I have two system running exactly the same OS and during the time of problem, I found that both system can’t connect to the internet via the dialer through the modem, so this is why I suggest it could have something to do with the internet provider. Let us know what’s your outcome after trying the suggested solutions. Hope they can help you. 🙂


  9. Apparently there are a number of things that can cause a “651″ error. In my case it was happening because I had forgotten to add my mac address to the list of approved mac addresses maintained in the router. I have a Belkin, and the address for accessing it online is I went into “mac address filtering” in the firewall section and added the mac address of my new computer. To make changes you will have to enter your password. At one time you, or someone on your behalf would have had to do this with your old computer, but if you are like me after a month or two you forget. In case you have forgotten, you find the mac address by going into DOS and entering “ipconfig/all”.

    Another thing if you use a router, if you are connecting using a setting of “WEP” it needs to be changed to “WPA” according to my service provider (Comcast). WEP does not work with Windows-7 according to them.

  10. I’m not sure whether disabling IPv6 or deleting the three firewall rules for “Teredo” was the trick for me. I instantly gained connectivity when I reset the router to factory default. Is this Teredo protocol friend or foe?

  11. I had this problem on a newly installed Windows 7 laptop. Eventually resolved by uninstalling the Trend Micro (30 day free trial) that came bundled with this Dell. Once removed and rebooted it all started connecting to the internet. Now running AVG free instead and no problem.

    1. Oh, sad to hear that it can actually caused by an anti-virus solution. Glad you have the problem solved. Enjoy your Windows 7!


  12. I was asked by a friend about the error code 651 in windows 7, then I tried the usual method – power down the broadband modem and router but seems to be no success. So i took it home and set up along side my PC with Windows XP Pro, but instead of using the ethernet cable, I plugged it in a USB port. The wireless dongle powered up and was on the net straight away. It seems that its down to the ethernet connection on the motherboard as once i changed the dongle for the ethernet cable and the error code came up; swapped back and the error was away. I hope this may help some of you out there.

    The Big Yin

  13. Hi friends, please can anyone help me in fixing the 651 error problem for connecting the broadband please say clearly ..

    1. Hi,

      If you have the error 651, try to test every possible solutions I mentioned, as well as look at other people comments, probably could help you too. You might want to let us know more eg. When it occurs, Modem type, what have you tried etc. Else I can’t tell you particularly a solution because there is no universal solution for this problem.


  14. hii

    ok ok .. from last two weeks i was trying to solve it but no use i tried all the above things which u have mentioned above as i tried to change the name as raspppoe.sys file but asking admin permission and try again ..
    and i tried to connect the modem with ethernet and usb also no use ..
    and i’m using windows 7 it was all gud for the last 3 months with this but fews days back this error was coming ..
    even i formatted my system two times but no use,and i didn’t find any virtual pc in my system with windows 7.

    1. Hi Sri,

      Is it possible for you to install a Windows XP on the same laptop/PC to try out whether is the connection problem or the Windows 7 problem? You might want to try other modem as well if you able to access one or two from your friend. You can also consult your ISP about the problem (if the fault is at their side).


  15. hey i tried with another modem from my friend but same error.but my modem is working in my friend’s pc
    sorry isp means ??
    i told in bsnl office but no response !!

    1. Hi,

      Hmmm… So your modem should be working fine. Any chance to get your friend’s laptop to connect to internet at your place? Preferably Windows 7 machine, so you can know whether is your internet line broken or your Windows 7 broken. ISP is Internet Service Provider.


  16. I have call my ISP cust service centre and request for technician, but that fella just rejected my request by saying that technician can’t help in this error. I was so wtf at that time…haih

    1. Hi K,

      Sorry to hear about that. Though it is understandable that they also not sure about the source of this error, which probably linked to the Windows itself. Best bet is that a change of modem or operating system can solve the problem. Currently, I still, although rarely, met with error 651 which I don’t particularly understand why it is happened. And it seems to go away after some time.


  17. Hi i just bought my bf a brand new laptop from acer with windows 7 on it. everything is good apart from the error 651! he is trying with an adsl cable. i am worried about all of this reloading and reprogramming malarky because its brand new and cost me nearly £700 with all of the pre set up stuff on it and the last thing i would want to do is make anything worse. i think what really bugs me is its less than a week old and i live on the isle of man so we have to phone england for acer technicians or what not. easy suggestions would be greatfully taken 🙂 xx lizzy xx

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      Is your ADSL modem using LAN cable? One of the reply in this post suggest that if the ADSL modem is connected using USB then the error might go away, of course it depends the availability of USB connection on the ADSL modem. I would suggest you bring your laptop to your friend’s house and connect using their ADSL modem and check whether the same problem persists. If it does, Acer technician is your definite resort then.


    2. Lizzy i had same problem with brand new Samsung laptop. I posted a solution on line for error 651 which i use only with my old laptop to get broadband and use my new one Laptop for wifi….look for the solution under daniel, please note it is your own responsibility whether you use it or not. but it is 100% effective, and you do not need to be a geek to understand it.. This is the problem with this site and all the others , they do not cater for people like me who have little experience with systems ‘rasspoes’ and such……
      OH please note the solution is illegal, but when you pay 700 pounds for a laptop the very least you would expect is that you turn it on, plug it in , and your on the internet…oh except Microsoft of course.

  18. I have a a problem with my windows vista am using a broadband modem but of late i could just not connect it keeps on giving me the error 793 most forums have no solution for this can somebody please help will really appreciate.

    1. Hi,

      This is an unusual problem, at least for me. Did you try the same broadband modem in other computer? It might give you some clues which parts to be blamed for the error.


  19. Hello! I’m a newbie in this concepts of internet connectivity and broadband.
    I’m also getting this damn error 651 on my Win7 Ultimate system. The same internet connection works perfectly on my laptop with WinXP Pro SP3 OS.
    @ghost301: I’ve tried almost all the solutions you suggested (thanks for your effort). But, the error is stubborn. 😦
    I’ve contacted my ISP, but they are negligent and lazy. Waiting for them to do something…
    I want to know what kind of broadband connection I have. There is no modem or router I use with my PC. My ISP told me that the cable wire comes from a device which they call it a ‘switch’ which is located in my neighbourhood (not in my home). My broadband connection has a username-password system for starting up. And, I’ve to log in to it from ‘Network and Sharing Centre’ everytime I start my PC.
    Now considering these, I don’t have anything (like modem or router) to reset…

    1. Hi Ajinx,

      My wild guess is that your connection is a PPPOE type broadband as well, which requires username and password (I am not sure though). If you have done almost everything and it works perfectly in Windows XP every time, I would suggest you try your connection in other version of Windows 7, or other PC/laptop with Windows 7. Though the problem has been bugged many users, still there is no known reason/solution for the problem. Can’t help if nothing can be done to resolve the problem. Good luck!


  20. I recently purchased a new computer running Windows 7 and recieved this error 651 uppon trying to establish a connection. I found out that the supposed administrator account that is the first account that you get onto is actually a limited administrator account. I found out the way to unhide the true administrator account through command prompt by right clicking comand prompt and setting it to run as administrator and then opening command prompt and typing in “net user administrator /active:yes.” When I logged out of the limited admin account and into the true admin account my connection went through. I logged off the true admin account and onto the other account and tried establishing a connection and recieved error 651 again. To make sure, I re-logged back into the true admin account and I once again had a connection. I’m baffled. Could this possibly be due to some kind of computer settings? This is a very annoying problem.

  21. I just found out the stupidest thing. I was recieving error 651 because my computer was already detecting a connection. When I tried pulling up an internet page one of the reccomendations was to make sure work offline wasn’t checked under the “file” menu on the menu bar at the top of the browser. I checked and it “was” checked. I never set the state to work offline…it must have been already set to it from default. I now have access to the internet. I can’t believe that “this” is what was causing the error 651 and not allowing me acces to the internet. If you too are getting this error and can’t access the internet, check and make sure that “work offline” isn’t checked. I feel like keeling over and just laughing at myself…but seriously, why in the world would microsoft set the default state to work offline? That’s just dumb. I hope this helps.

  22. I experienced the Error 651 recently on my Windows 7 desktop. Called Streamyx Service Center and was remotely guided in few approach which did not resolve the error. Finally was requested to connect the modem via Windows XP, and it worked. After the conversation ended, I re-connect to my Windows 7 desktop and it works fine also.
    My problem now is when I tried to do connection to a wireless router, it fails to dial to Streamyx. Have done few tries with errors. I guess my wireless router is faulty.

    1. Hi Mohd Kamil Idris,

      Do update us if you found anything. I’d suspect it is a Windows 7 issue since Windows XP handle the connection well, but who knows? No one have a definite answer for this error, not even Microsoft themselves.


    1. Please could u give us your information… Are u using Desktop or laptop? and you windows7 version is came with your PC or you bought it ?

  23. I had the 651 error too on my fresh install of Windows 7. Whatever I did it wouldn’t recognize the Motorola SB5100 surfboard cable modem even though it connected just find on windows Vista. I tried plugging the modem into a Linksys Model EzXS55W 10/100 5-port workgroup switched and connected that to my PC instead of connecting directly due to thinking it was an issue with the software working nice with the cable modem and it might like another connection better. Once I selected the option for it being a private network connection my internet was back.

  24. I find myself wondering how many of the posters in this thread are supposed to used static IP addresses and don’t understand what that means.

  25. I had the problem and tried all those ways for a whole day, then I called my ISP and one of them came to our house to see what’s the problem, he said that there was nothing wrong with my modem or my computer and I’m connected right now with no problem, because it was their problem and they resolved it 🙂

    1. Hi Narges,

      Glad you have your problem solved. Yup, I believe somehow there is a chance that the ISP can cause this issue, even though I am not sure how/why. Enjoy your internet!


  26. I have the error 651 on my desktop. If I connect my laptop, it works fine (wired as well as wireless). So I dont think its an ISP issue. I added a new LAN card to my desktop. Still the same problem. I think its something to do with the Win7 OS itself.
    Any solutions?

    1. Hi Prashant,

      Yea, as I mentioned, I do suspect it is Windows 7 issue. If the above mentioned solutions doesn’t help, I have no idea what can be done. Perhaps a reinstallation of Windows 7?


  27. I have been using windows 7 for the last three years in California (two systems in two different couties. Cable and DSL and never had a 651 error. Never even heard of it. Came to NC and have had nothing but problems with windows 7 (works good with windows xp on the same connection. I’m not a genius (16 years with AT&T in communications and I have had computers since 1980). It looks like the trouble is being caused by the ISP NOT the computer software settings.

  28. I had the error 651 with windows 7 in a new computer. It was working well for about two weeks before the error appeared and no broadband connection. Finally found that the McAfee Internet Security firewall was on default recommended setting which triggered the error. Turned off the default setting and my broadband connection was resolved.

  29. I was running into the same problems as mentioned above.
    What I did is fire up a process analyser (see sysinternals) and found out that the Windows process used for connecting to a WLAN was indeed also attached to the broadband device.

    So what I did is deactivate the WLAN and everything worked fine…
    I tried this a few times and found out that there is a low chance that this process “attaches” to the broadcom device. (Tried it like 20 times, and got 2 times the problem) Seems a little bit strange to me.

    OS: Windows 7 Premium

    Maybe it helps someone out 😉

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the tips! Hope it helps somebody out there.

      Yeap, i do find this problem a little bit strange, it happens to me when the ISP connection having a temporary downtime, and error 651 will pop out when I try to reconnect.


      1. The solution to the connection failed error 651 is simple. Back your files up to an external or dvd etc. & then create a new user account. You will not lose any installed programs as they will be on the new user account too. Then delete your old user account. then setup an new internet connection. You find the problem is gone. Alot faster than formatting and starting over. Transfer back your personal files photos , docs etc.

        Phillip The Catt

      2. Hi Phillip The Catt,

        Thanks for the tips! I have never try this before, but it sounds like a fast solution. Those who have the problem persists can give this a try!


  30. Thanks ghost for all the help here! Great blog!

    But guess what – I tried it ALL of the above and it did not work on my system. At first, internet worked for about six months without any problem (Dell Studio 1550 with Vista, DSL-modem, no WLAN) and then, almost suddeenly things got worse. First got kicked out the internet temporarily, then I could not get a connection at all. As far as I am aware, I did not change settings or install something new. But AVIRA caught a virus and that was about the time, when my problems started. Unfortunately I cannot recollect WHAT virus it was, because I re-installed Vista (and after that installed Win7), so AVIRA-data about that is probably lost. But I think that if a virus were the problem, re-installing Vista should have solved the problem…

    So I am still getting my 651; the only thing helping my system is your point 11. – re-install the dialer. After rebooting I get into the internet, but I am kicked out after only a few minutes. ISP-software (Telekom) tells me that there is something wrong with the LAN-IP. I am not sure if I can meddle around with that. In the meantime an ISP technician was at my place twice and checked the connection stating that everything should be all right; on his notebook he got a connection so from his side, ISP is not to blame. Funny thing he advised me to get me Win7 instead of Vista (because Vista would be full of shhhh and Win7 would be more like plug and play, easy going etc .); now that I got Win7 here we go again.

    I’m getting really, really sick of this. Help!

    1. Hi Markus,

      Unfortunately I can’t really provide you a definite solution for this issue since there is no clear indication of the source of problem. Probably a new modem or new LAN cable?


      1. Hi Taylor,

        problem solved, although I cannot really explain why. I replaced my old modem (Speedport 200) with a router (WLAN Speedport 504) and there is no problem anymore. I can use both LAN and WLAN to get my connection. Probably my old modem could not cope with the recent upgrade to DSL 6000 (6 Mbit/s). Not very likely but the best explanation I have.

        Best regards,


  31. error 651

    I have a network setup on my Belkin router with a couple of XP Home machines and one Win 7 Ultimate x64. Works fine. Now my Sister is visiting me with her Eeepc, 1015PE, Win 7 starter x32 and I can not get her connected. I get error 651. When I look this up I see a recommendation to upgrade my router firmware. This I will not do lightly for fear of “bricking” another router.
    Been there, done that.

    I do not see where this is necessary anyway as my Win 7 Ultimate works OK.

    I can not get this Win Starter machine connected wireless (hotel style) or wired. Error 651 all the time.
    Can not connect to router with HTTP://
    as I do with the other computers. I have stumbled around and changed the unknown network to MSHOME as on the other computers but still have the X between the network and the internet. I have not set up Win 7 Homegroup as I believe that would not allow me to connect to my XP computers.

    My Sister did not bring her installation disks with her
    so I will try to reload a NIC driver from some other source as my next step. As soon as I discover her NIC model.

    Another piece of info. I have another Eeepc with XP home connecting fine by wire..

    After trying a couple of days I am ready for help from my fellow enthusiasts. Please…


  32. I also faced the same problem, then i just restored to the previous date where this problem begin and now its fine.
    Thanks to who helped a lot out there.

    1. Hi Jay,

      I would say it is quite a quick solution for this issue, although I am not too sure if Windows Vista have the same issue.


  33. Hey Man,

    I just want to say thank you for your suggestions (or at least putting them all in one place for me). I just switched ISP’s, from crappy at&t to time warner. When I got the new cable modem and booted it, all the PC’s in my house worked great, except for my gaming pc…Damn it! So, I searched for the Error 651, and found you. Here is what worked for me. I uninstalled my network drivers and rebooted my pc. When it rebooted, it reinstalled the drivers and what do you know…I have access once again! Since I didn’t know what this error was, I didn’t know for sure where to start. After reading what you put up, I decided uninstalling the driver was the best place to start.

    So, thank you for your help…


  34. Me too had the same problem.

    But disabling IPV6 on LAN-WLAN and disabling Flow control in adapter settings fixed it. Phew..!

  35. Hello,

    I am not a pro about computer so please help me..!
    I just bought a new PC and installed Win 7 64-bit and when I tried to set up a internet the error code 651 show up~ I don’t know how to uninstall the Microsoft Virtual PC and I don’t have a internet card, it’s on board internet..
    I tried to look at program file/uninstall/ and clicked on “view install updates” and the Windows Virtual PC (KB958559).did not show up. I don’t know what else should I try?
    I have a laptop(vista with wireless internet) and another desktop(XP with wired internet) they both works great with my internet.
    I don’t have Connectify in my computer.
    The options you listed above..most of them I don’t know how to do.. 😦

    1. Hi Keira,

      It seems that you shouldn’t be troubled by this problem since your PC is clean one. Is it possible to ask the seller, perhaps, change a new unit for you? Can you try also a new LAN cable if it is possible?


  36. Long post .. comments & years …!

    Read all. One comment above helped:
    Win7 Ultimate & (LINUX) ‘Ubuntu 10.10’ on all 3 notebooks, plus a digital radio (ethernet/WLAN). ADSL2 mocem router has WLAN & 4 ethernet ports.

    All 4 gadgets connect via WLAN. One notebook connects ok, WLAN & cable.

    Moved the radio cable to either the other 2 notebooks. The LED light on the computer told me that this cable was ok; my other ethernet cable was broken. Checked by moving the cables on each of the 4 ethernet ports on the router-modem.

    SOLVED the problem be Windows7: RUN ‘CMD’. Then ‘IPCONFIG /ALL’.

    All the other comments & suggestions (flow control, IPv6, etc) did not work for me. Blaming the ISP, hardware, … was not necessary. Except 1 of the 3 ethernet RJ45 cables.

    Having both Linux & Windows on all my computers is easy, necessary & advisable. Ubuntu (SUPER-OS is the ‘brand I use) detects most hardware. It reads NTFS-W7-compressed partitions & files. Linux is not very reliable with writing onto any kind of NTFS partition.

    Next problem: getting to know the Linux version of IPCONFIG /ALL …

    PS: Do NOT blame the ISP or support people ALL the time. As the many posts show above, it is usually an end-user problem, software and/ or hardware.

    Medically Retired IT Consultant (ABI)
    Australian Capital Territory

    1. Hi Greg Zeng,

      I truly appreciate your comment. I agreed that most of the issue comes from end-user mistake, but sometimes ISP has their responsibility in this error (like in my case). Unstable broadband connection using manual connection can cause the hanged internet session and therefore the error 651 occurs if the user tries to reconnect again, I’ve been through this since I upgraded to Windows 7, and I do have a workable LAN cable. As I mentioned, I wasn’t too sure if it’s Windows 7 specific issue or other, but I think sometimes getting assistance from ISP/Support can help in this matter.


  37. How stupid win 7 is,
    XP never faced this problem… (angry)

    And there is never a “patch” or “hotfix” released for this.

    Microsoft do sth.!!!

  38. iBurst router fails to connect to the internet completely when the Connectify version 2.2 is installed on my pc (Windows 7 64-bit). the previous versions (2.1 Beta-4 & prior versions) would allow me to connect to the internet after (about 4-7) several attempts. but now it won’t even work, even if i roll-back to the older versions of Connectify…

  39. My problem is that the moment i install connectify my modem gives an error but if i uninstall it i am able to work with the broadbaand on my lappie just fine.Plz help

  40. hey….i am using dell inspiron N4010 and had the same problem on windows 7….i also tried the raspppoe file stuff but it didnt worked for me.
    so i done three things ,however i dont know which solved my problem but i am happy now.
    1)went to on off windows service ,in control panel and and checked on internet info service hostable web core,
    2)Disable IPv6 for your connection…from the connection properties.
    3)last bt not the least i updated my lan driver from dell website and problem solveed.:)
    hope it will work for you.

  41. someone said it had to do with off line being checked & I remembered when I had firefox & would delete cookies I had problems finally found out the work off line was checked. I had recently deleted cookies on my 1 mo. old window 7 & I couldn’t log in & it said “not connected connections are available” By trying every thing got mess.that was error 651. I unchecked work off line after reading the reply & my problem was gone. I will look for that everytime I delete cookies.

  42. Error 651 was resolved by disabling and enabling the local area connection in network connections. I was connected to modem using LAN cable. Tech guy from ISP could not help me so I started playing with stuff and suddenly it got back…voilaa

  43. Guys, I believe that error 651 can be caused by many reasons. In my case it was antivirus program mcAfee. When my licence ended I couldn’t connect to internet anymore, anywhere and at all. After days of fighting with this problem finally I simply uninstalled mcAfee and internet conncection was possible immediately. So check all your security programs first, they may cause this problem.

    1. Hi,

      That’s really unusual that the Anti Virus application disable the internet connection, guess Microsoft Security Essential still the best. 😛


  44. I just had the same issue in Windows 7! I don’t know when it occured, but it seems it happened after I installed “Connectify”, a program for sharing Internet over wireless.

    After uninstalling Connectify, all went back to normal.

  45. Hey,
    I kinda have this problem but I think that I caused it myself..
    I installed Connectify on my windows 7 service pack 1
    and since then I can’t connect to my VPN connection (using L2TP)
    and once I uninstalled Connectify everything worked as it should be.
    Do anyone know how to have these two things together (Connectify + VPN L2TP) ???? Plz..

  46. i have this error 651 problem with windows xp (sp3). what is the best solution to try for me?

    1. Hi,

      As this article is aimed for Windows 7, I am not too sure what is the best solution for Windows XP. Best bet is to try uninstall recent software that interfere with the internet connection, like VMWare, Virtual PC, Connectify, or anti virus application. Good luck!


  47. Please broadband not connectin when i install Connectify , i want connectify , please help me without remove connectfy

    1. Hi,

      I am not too sure how it is possible but for internet sharing, I recommend to go for a hardware solution.


  48. Just had this “issue” with a clients PC. Went into IE > Internet Options > Connections and tick “Never dial a connection”. The problem went away straight away.

  49. I have the same problem here in Taiwan .

    I solve this problem(error:651) by set DNS IP address .

    It really works at Win 7 (64-bit ),

  50. I have Windows 7 on my computer and when I start up a McAfee pop-up appeard. I blocked something and could’nt found any obvious settings change by my internet explorer. Error 651 stayed!!! I went into a depro mode and phone everyone I canthink of even my ISP. No one could help me, I read every comment on every website about error 651, nothing worked. I deleted McAfee from my computer and all my problems were fixed!!!!! Hope it works for you because it is easy to try and if it doesn’t work just install McAfee again!!!

  51. Hi All,
    I did Love to See the Conversation happening in a Good way.

    Suggestion 1. If You have never been able to go online when your computer is connected to the modem. Immediately Call up your ISP and ask them to register your Computer to their DATA BASE. Most ISP’s have MAC Address filtering and the MAC address of your Network adapter has to be registered with them for you to be able to go online.

    NOTE : The MAC address of your USB connection to the modem and the ethernet connections are different. Hence its strongly recomended to use the ethernet connection when configuring the Internet connection for the 1st Time on a NEW computer.

    Suggestion 2. If You have intermittent connection problems check for any antivirus / firewall programs like mcafee / Norton or Zone Alarm installed on your computer. These programs have capabilities to disable all internet traffic or to disable adapters..

    Hope this works.
    🙂 JT

  52. I’ve encountered the same problem. The issue for me was Connectify, uninstalling it fixed the 651 error. After isolating the problem I did a quick google of ‘”connectify” error 651’ and it seems to be a common downside of using the wifi hotspot software. Hope this helps someone!

  53. I been trying to get the wifi working and havr this error problem myself, but for some reason my realtek is on this laptop but not plugged in, do you think I have to plug the realtek first.

    1. Hi,

      I am sorry but I am not entirely understand your question. Realtek as in the onboard sound card?


  54. Forget all that Rasspoe nonsense…
    i had the same trouble after a windows update..
    i set internet options for ipv4 and ipv6 to manual and entered the ip and dns addresses manually, and it didnt make any difference.
    So here`s what to do.. and it takes a few minutes, and no experience required.

    first turn power off and unplug all leads.
    then remove the casing so you can see he motherboard.
    remove the battery (looks like a watch battery)
    then plug in monitor – keyboard and power lead and boot up.
    you will get an error message stating that the pc cannot boot up, this is because the battery has been removed.

    what you have actually now done is reset the bios.

    turn off the pc and remove all leads again, and insert the battery again.
    reboot pc after plugging all leads back into the pc.

    go to the internet icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen and open network and sharing folder. click on the area (on the map of your pc to internet) and it will run a diagnostic check for you, and repair the fault.

  55. The ISP is not responsible for your error, the error is with microsoft themselves.
    They sell a flawed product, which they have done with many of their products throughout the years.
    If you want a perfect 100% solution i have already posted one. True it may be
    not one you wish to use but it works perfectly every time.
    Please note i do not condone or condemn the use of the perfect solution i posted, but when you pay lots of money for a product you damn well expect it to work, i mean what the hell is the use of buying a laptop if it will not connect to the internet…So you want my advice, if you really need to use broadband simply use the one i posted guaranteed satisfaction. And think of this why the hell should you have to pay more money for a product that clearly is flawed, so to hell with Microsoft and it’s system. I have friends who have replaced MS O/S with Ubuntu and guess what? works connecting …so it is not a case of you pay you money and take your choice, it is simply Microsoft are a negligent company who care damn little for their customers. That ass Gates can swan about the damn world handing out his fortune so he can look like a caring individual, pity his damn company is nothing like that then maybe people would not be ripped off. So if you want to start using web use the solution posted, and save yourself hours of wasting your time looking for a solution, because this one is the only 100% one that exists i know, i have spent five months since i got this new laptop looking for solution and have tried every single one, and none of them work…..
    yours respectfully

  56. So… after spending 2 days looking for answers, I just called Tech Support where PC was purchased, who said:
    “PCs are sold WITHOUT a wireless card. Most desktops are sold without wireless, and need to be hard wired to Internet (or have a USB adapter).
    Most laptops Do have wireless.”
    Moral – this is the first thing to be checked.

  57. Maybe this can help.. OK.. This thread has been really old… so i got the same problem in my laptop which has windows 7 32-bit operating system. The first time i encountered this problem, it was around a year ago. It lasted foe 3-4 months. it was like my internet would connect (i use cable internet). after around 34- or 5-6 hours, it disconnected n i used to get the error message. It wasnt regular though. Sometimes, it worked all fine. I thought it was problem with my ISP. I called them so many times, n they always used to say that the connection is fine. After that it was fine for 5-6 months or so.
    Around 10 days ago, I started to have the same problem again. I called them so many times n today i went to their offfice. They checked the internet with their own office’s cable. The problem remains again. So what they suggested is maybe its coz of the LAN drivers. I explained them my problem n they said that it is coz of the LAN driver.
    Its coz windows 7 automatically installs all the drivers. we dont need to install the drivers separately. So the same drivers may not work for all. So coz of this driver, my connection or LAN card was getting “weak”. What they did is they downloaded n installed several drivers for my pc including LAN driver n they suggested me to uninstall anything that has “virtual” keyword.. I mean in device manager. i uninstalled those virtual networks, installed the specific LAN drivers for my PC from the hp website (I have hp laptop), restarted, deleted the old dialer n created a new one… n it worked. So i guess that was it.
    Download n update ur LAN driver, remove any virtual network, delete and create a new dialler, n it works…
    Hope it helps someone. I tried everything on this blog n even all the comments by the users.. nothing workd until now!!

  58. I think the best way to overcome this problem is to save all your stuff to a remote drive then do a factory restore.

  59. OMG! IT WORKS!!
    After 5 days of trying and applying solutions (and swearing at Microsoft), something finally worked.
    Not sure if the IPv6&Flow Control or the IPCONFIG method because I applied both and then restarted, but THANK YOU!
    Last Friday I had some changes made to my mini (installed Ubuntu and some Windows and Java updates-something with java31). The Internet worked just fine after installing Linux, but after installing those updates … error 651. I should mention that my mini is not fairly new- some 8ish months old- and it worked perfectly until now. It obviously wasn’t an isp problem, because the internet worked just fine on my other windows7 laptop.
    I wish I knew to whom to thank for this ‘wonderful’ bug.

  60. Hi, guys. I had this problem too, tried everything… It was a problem with my ISP. TODAY I’ve done nothing, and my broadband connection works fine as it should.

  61. If you have seen The Little Mermaid, then hopefully you will remember Pat Carroll’s famous song when she steals Ariels voice for her own evil purposes. In that number she refers to the sea folk as “poor unfortunate souls”. That’s how Microsoft looks upon us. Hey, just trying to make light…

    What worked for me was uninstalling the network card drivers! Win7 then simply re-installed them when I did a restart. The whole thing took maybe 5 minutes and for a non-techie like me it was a god-send! Hit the blue e and there I was, on the Internet.

    I tried that approach because it was not complicated and I saw several folks who tried it with success. Hope it works for you. Thanks to all who have given their ideas. Without places like this forum, I don’t know what I would have done. Thanks for making it available.

  62. i have this problem at the moment… one day the net was working the next day i had error 651 and loss of connection to the internet… well for my PC anyway, as its a little different for me. i have a wifi network router and a DSL modem router… 2 mac laptops and 2 smart phones and 1 PC the only computer that cant get onto the network is the PC and is the only one not using WIFI, its connected via ethernet cable. its running windows 7 and actually has no modem drivers or router drivers installed as the network is stand alone… all the PC needs to do is get the internet from it… and it can’t.
    hate to say it but with out my mac i wouldnt even be able to try and fix the problems…

    1. Hi,

      If you are using ethernet, it definitely has a driver. Check in Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings. Find the Local Area Connection, and try to uninstall the driver. Windows 7 should have the default driver for it, so you can try to see if it works for you.


    1. My mums laptop had this problem and I performed a system restore and that solved the problem. I’d recommend this simple fix before trying anything more complicated.

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