Be a Geek: What is Windows 7?


With the retail box release of Windows 7, I believe many of you have seen a lot of advertisement about Windows 7 in any IT malls. But what is Windows 7? For those who does not study all the features and highlights of Windows 7, most likely one will think that it’s just a refreshed UI Windows Vista. If you think it that way, I urge you to think again. Check out all the new features of Windows 7 and judge yourself this new Operating System which is tested by 8 million testers before proceed to release.

So, what is Windows 7? What so good about it?

It is good. How good? Word tells you thousand stories, but video let you experience the stories. Check the videos available on Windows 7 official page (click on the screenshot to be linked to the page in new page):


Windows Live Essentials

In conjunction with the release of their latest product, Windows 7, they also release the latest version of Windows Live Essentials Suite, which is a  free software that makes a PC running Windows 7 do more great things. Things like E-mail, instant messaging, photo editing, and blogging.


This suite is almost covered everything that you can used to be connected with your friends/family with Windows Live account. So be sure to check them out if you haven’t try any/some of them.

Editor’s note

I have no regret using Windows 7 as my primary OS currently, and of course with some of my favourite Windows Live applications. Some of my friends that shifted to Windows 7 from XP/Vista already claimed that Windows 7 is the best and will not look back to those old operating systems anymore. So, I’M A PC and powered by Windows 7, what’s yours?

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