Easily install software/applications after computer formatting with Ninite


Feel like wanted to format your PC after a long time of usage but too troublesome to install back all the essential software? Moving to Windows 7 from XP and feel bored to look for the software that is compatible with the new Windows? Fear no more as Ninite is there to help you. Ninite is a web application that is one-of-a-kind software that just requires a few clicks from you and everything will be installed automatically without the need of downloading/installing/clicking ‘next’ button of the software (requires internet connection). What’s more impressed me is that they always say ‘no’ to the extra toolbars/ads etc. in the installation makes your computer always clean from those crappy stuffs. The software list is still growing, but most of the software used on a normal home user computer are almost all-covered. Let see how it works:

Clean, simple, and only one executable

This web application is designed by two programmers in San Francisco who believe that installing software shouldn’t require work. It’s simple to use and has a large selection of popular freeware and open source applications. 1 Other than that, it only requires to download one executable file from their server and this single file will do the rest of the work for you automatically. This is really something revolutionary as installation always equipped with ‘next, next, next, finish’ or ‘yes, next, no’, which of course much more customizable, but for a casual/normal user, they don’t care much about it, as long as the software works for them without problem, and without parasite-ware. A peek on some software they offered in Ninite:


There are lots of software that included in Ninite, be sure to go check it out. If you have any preferred freeware/open source software, but still not included in the Ninite, just send them your siggestion, placed at the bottom of their page.


How to use?

So how do you actually use this free service? Simple enough, just load the website here, tick the software that you wanted to install, double checked, then click ‘Get Installer’ button at the bottom of the page. An executable will be require to download and run. Everything will be done automatically and you can have a nice coffee, reading some books while waiting for the installer to download every software that you have chosen (Best if you have a broadband connection for large applications). After the installation, all the shortcuts of the software will be created on your desktop and you can use them right away! Simple?


Why I like this application?

Apparently this will save my time for searching and getting the latest version of each of the software I wanted after a clean format of my Windows. I used Linux (Ubuntu) before and I like their software download method so much, which almost identical to this, where you just require to click what you want, and the rest of the thing just leave it to them. Save time, save click, save energy. However, if this web app can have brief description on each of the software they offered, like in pop-up manner or something, I will be more enjoyable as not everyone know the functions/features of all the software. I had suggested to them and see what they can do about it. All in all, a great free service there and I really hope this can be maintained for a long term.


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