22nd of October. A big day for Windows 7. Big day for freebies as well! KIS 2010 and Panda Internet Security 2010 for FREE!


Windows 7 is going to launch around the world (not in Malaysia though) on the 22nd of October. With the high number of good feedback for Windows 7, I believe this will be the most successful Windows compared to the other Windows (except Windows XP at the moment which is still primarily used by many). In conjunction with the launching, there are several software companies decided to giveaway their precious for free for whoever feels happy and excited with the launching of Windows 7. Below are the two surprises that impressed me the most:

Expired. 😦

Update: No more. Bad move by Panda Security for restricting to US residential only on the last minute. I am pretty sure they don’t have that term before 12am. Bad move.

Update 2: I have successfully registered myself and waiting for the keycode to be sent. The registration doesn’t require address to be filled in, so I wonder how they limit it to US resident. Anyway, let’s hope the key comes in. Go ahead and register yourself first!

Panda Internet Security 2010 (1 Year Free License)

image There is no longer stranger for us to Panda Security after their famous free Cloud Anti Virus released. And now they committed to every computer users around the world by giving out 1 year license for their on-sale Panda Internet Security 2010 for FREE! Without hesitate, I will install this for sure once I get hold of the license key. How about you? Quote from their giveaway webpage:

As you know, The Windows 7 launch is October 22, 2009. You’re making an investment in updating your operating system, this says some things about you: you’re smart, computer savvy and interested in staying up-to-date. But due to your recent purchase, your wallet might consequently be a little lighter, too.

Not to worry! Everyone remotely related to the tech industry is taking advantage of this marketable launch party by giving away free stuff. Not that we can blame them—we are too. But our stuff is free-er than free: Panda Security is the free-er-est of them all.

October 22, 2009 is the magical 24 hour period when ordinarily pricey things turn into free things. Well, Panda Security is now compatible with Windows 7, so why not pair the two? Register on this glorious day for ONE FREE YEAR of Panda Security’s anti-virus protection. Prevent viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, identity theft, online banking and other threats from infecting your PC. Internet Security is ultra light-weight because it’s using “cloud” technology so it won’t hinder your computer from operating as freely as it can. Because the only free thing we can think of that isn’t good is a computer virus.

So don’t miss your chance now! Only valid for one day which is 22nd October 2009! Head to here and starts your claim!

Update: It doesn’t seems that the webpage will be activated and it stated there only for launch party attendees. Guess it only for US again?

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (1 Year Free License)


Kaspersky, a name that is famous for their full suite Internet Security and reasonable price. Although I personally doesn’t like it for slowing down my system, but for function wise, Kaspersky is no doubt still a very strong competitor in the IT market. And now they are giving out free license in conjunction with the launching of Windows 7! Copy and paste the link shown below and see if you able to get a free license from them! Just nice for you if your haven’t buy any or have your internet security suite expired soon!


So please, do not miss your chance now! This will be only happen once in a while and the launching of the most successful Windows will be only 22nd October 2009!

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