Latest Windows Live Web Messenger – IM anywhere without installing Windows Live Messenger client

WLMessenger_BuddyLogoWith the shrinking usage of MSN Web Messenger due to the advent of Meebo etc., Microsoft has decided to incorporate the famous instant messaging into it’s live services, which can be accessed through here. At the time of writing this, the service seems available with IE and Mozilla Firefox (not sure other though), but it’s a shame that by using Google Chrome, the web messenger option is not available. You can see the following option in your Windows Live Account under People:


Also usual, you are able to see all the contacts through this page. With the extra messenger option, it allows you view your online contacts, as well as setting your current status (Available, Busy, Away and Appear Offline). By just double clicking on your online contact, a simplified Windows Live Web-based Messenger will pop up for you to start chatting:


It is actually quite nice for the messaging part to be integrated to the Windows Live services, however I supposed there are number of people prefer to have a standalone web messenger like the ceased old age MSN Web Messenger. Just recently, Singapore side of Windows Live had released (not publicly though) the new Windows Live Web Messenger beta which can be access here. A peeking on the web-based messenger as below:


Although the interface assemble the desktop version of Windows Live Messenger, but don’t expect it to be a full-featured messenger. It simply giving you the basic IM function without any installation with only internet connection, which is ideally for office, school or anywhere you like. However, if you bored of using Meebo or etc., you can always try out the latest web-based messenger when you are hungry of IM while you are working or studying. Click the picture below to go to the web messenger page.

Windows Live Web Messenger

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