How to zip/unzip archive online without installing any archive manager?


Do you ever meet a situation where you require to archive some files to be sent when the computer is not installed with any archive manager? It’s rare but it could happen to you in some rare occasion, especially when you are using a computer that doesn’t permit you to install any software. No worry, is there to help you. Based on the java program, is a zip/unzip services bringing by Andrew Dyster, which doesn’t require any installation to do archiving and extracting for .zip archive file. The interface is rather simple, Zipping (above) and Unzipping (below):

Untitled Untitled2


So for zipping, what you need to do is just add the files you wanted to archive, then click on ‘Select Archive File’ to set the name and the directory for your archive, lastly ZIP EM!. For unzipping, just select the zip file and select the destination directory for extraction and UNZIP IT!, voila, you are done. Easy isn’t?

It might not really useful for daily usage as it does require java to be installed and has to be accessed online, but who knows, something happens and you require a zipping tools urgently, and this could be your saver.


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