How to resize pictures/photos with just a right click in Windows XP/Vista/7 ?


Sometimes when you simply want to resize the photos to be uploaded to facebook, or send to your friend, what will you do? Open up a software, wait for it start, load the photos, select photos and resize? No more. Here I will show you how to natively resize photos/pictures with just a right click on the photo, and it’s almost instantly (small quantity of photos of course) resizing your photo to what you desired.

Microsoft PowerToys Image Resizer for Windows XP

The Microsoft PowerToys has been released by Microsoft themselves for Windows XP few years back, and surprisingly still many Windows XP user does not aware of it. In the powertoys itself, there are a lot of enhanced function specifically for Windows XP, such as tuning the clear type display, tweaking the UI etc. and of course, a simple yet easy to use Image Resizer. What you need to do is just download the file here, install it, and there you goes, right click on your photos (multiple selection is allowed) and click Resize Pictures. You will then greet by an interface similar to the screenshot shown below:


So, what you can do here is that:

  • Select the size of the resized photo – In here, you can select the size you want, let say for facebook photos, you can just resize it to Small which will be just nice and quick to get uploaded. You can also customize the size you desired.
  • Makes pictures smaller but not larger – This option is needed when you are not sure whether you are making your photos smaller or larger. Without this option ticked, if your source pictures is say 640×480, then you select the Large size option, the photo will be resized to 1024×768, which will be low quality since the source picture is in lower resolution.
  • Resize the original pictures (Don’t create copies) – If this option is ticked, the wizard will resize the original photos, thus not making any backup for the photos. Ideally for the situation when you just require a few photos – Copy the photos needed to a new folder, select this option to resize, use the resized photos, and delete them. Simple.


Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows Vista/7

How about Windows Vista/7? It is just too bad that Microsoft didn’t make the same application for them, but fortunately BriceLambson had it cloned for Windows Vista and 7, what’s more it has been written to support 64 bit! You can get it from here if you are using Vista/7, either 32 bit or 64 bit. The interface will be totally the same, with just an easy right click and you can start your resizing task right away.


Hope these small nifty apps can help you in managing your own photos album without hassle. Just in case you miss out the download link, below are the link for them:

Microsoft PowerToys Image Resizer for Windows XP – Direct Download
Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows Vista/7 – Download page

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