Give your Windows a new look with cool clock screensavers!


Time is precious, everyone knows that. So without building up any story for this, I would like to introduce three screensavers that I loved the most, not because they have very fancy graphics, but they act like a digital clock, a big digital clock telling me what is the current time, when I am not using the computer. And I let the picture speak for itself.



Pixel Breaker Polar Clock

polar clock

Simon Heys’ Word Clock: Two variation

word clock

word clock 2

Already can’t wait to download them all? Just click on the screenshot themselves and they will lead you to the author’s site to download. Else if anything happens to their server, I had these stored in my mediafire as well, which can be accessed under download section. But of course all the links are strictly for backup purpose only, not for distribution.


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